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Update January 12, 2023


  • Added OwnerRez Status page: status.ownerrez.com
  • Clarify when 2FA verification code has expired on OwnerRez login screen
  • Use channel expense category for host fees on channel bridge imports
  • Fix issue where complex booking merge fields aren't converted to text format
  • Fix issue where commission/pays settings weren't applied to property mappings created during owner creation
  • Add validation summary on top of Pricing Preferences page
  • Change wording on default System Alert Inquiry
  • Fix issue where links in forum posts are doubling up in the alert/watching email
  • Don't allow negative days before arrival on discounts/surcharges
  • Disassociate theme from property on theme disable
  • Don't allow deleting SMS/channel triggers when they've been sent
  • Enhance communication history sent by information
  • Show reminder sent dates on booking Messages tab
  • Standardize property Delete/Disable/Duplicate Actions by moving from sidebar to General Info page