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Update May 3, 2023


  • OwnerRez Zapier Integration has graduated out of public beta
  • Add bedroom, bathroom, and maximum guest counts to v2 Properties API
  • Airbnb listing import now supports Airbnb alias URLs
  • Property import now supports Airbnb alias URLs
  • Fixed an error when viewing a Hosted Website blog post
  • Fixed an error when viewing a canceled booking at a since-deleted property
  • Fixed a validation failure when a refund is attempted on a Stripe payment at a property that has changed Payment Methods
  • Increase maximum upload size for Channel Bridge exports
  • Properly show 'days ago' relative to the security deposit reauthorized date in "Reauthorized" alert
  • Expired security deposits now clearly indicate if reauthorization failed
  • Validate season minimum nights setting is less than maximum nights
  • Canceling a booking with a partial refund created duplicate expenses
  • Save button sticks in "Saving" state if attachment upload fails on record expense