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Update May 10, 2023


  • Add 'Back to Top' on Support Articles, Blog Posts, and Guides
  • Allow PWA rotation consistently
  • Fix issue where 'No matching records' shows on Expense grids when there are expense records
  • Fix RTL currency import for Airbnb transaction sync
  • Import Seasonal Rates Success Message should display rate count updated not properties
  • Fix issue where photo captions that begin with a period do not display properly in the hosted website full-screen image carousel
  • Fix issue where team access portal list is not showing everyone that can actually access one's portal
  • Add support for sending webhooks to Houfy
  • Don't keep trying to reauth secdeps after release days
  • Clarify message on reauth of wrong Stripe account
  • Adopt billing info created on non-Stripe when using Stripe
  • Fix default input values in rates calendar modal
  • Optimize CalendarSync runtime by storing response content hashes
  • Update bnbfinder logo
  • Don't change Air tax to percent if it would cause a rounding error
  • For Vrbo, convert crib/child beds in rooms to travel crib amenity since they don't support child bed/crib beds in rooms anymore
  • Optimize API long-running queries for consumers who include field values
  • Fix bug preventing removal of SMS feature if Campaign registration got stuck