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Templates are a powerful part of OwnerRez that automates messaging, based on events or scheduled times. They also provide the opportunity to maintain a personalized look and feel for your guests.

Custom Templates

Custom Templates are basically emails you write to share information with your guests or send notifications to property owners, cleaners or other support staff. You can compose those email Templates by going to Settings > Messaging > Templates. They can include lots of Custom Fields to make them specific to each property and each booking/guest. 

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Once you've written your Custom Template, you can use the Trigger feature to determine when it will be sent. You can configure the Trigger to send the Template a certain number of days before/after arrival, or when a specific event occurs.

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System Messages

OwnerRez comes with a large array of built-in system message templates for routine situations, like payment receipts, payment requests, quotes, date changes, and many other things.  These work similarly to the Email Templates and Triggers that you can program yourself, but are automatic.  The system messages are found under Settings > System Messages.

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A large part of successful branding is to establish a consistent brand image. This allows communication with your guests to be easier and more effective.

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