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Webinar November 9, 2021: OwnerRez/Safely - Using Guest Screening and Insurance to Protect Your Assets from Troublesome Guests

You have taken the leap to rent your home on the internet. You know that this valuable asset can earn revenue to offset your mortgage or generate income for you. But you have read the horror stories about Airbnb rentals and you are nervous. You ask yourself:

  • Who will be staying in your home?
  • Who pays for the damage caused by the guest?

Learn about methods of guest screening, along with other ways to pay for damage to the home; from damage deposits to specialized insurance policies.

Safely.com is a provider of guest screening services and damage and liability insurance and has covered over $50,000,000,000 of homeowner liability.

Safely will raffle off two $100 Amazon gift cards to attendees during the presentation.

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