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Your Guide to Unlocking Airbnb’s ‘Rare Find’ Status

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Your Guide to Unlocking Airbnb’s ‘Rare Find’ Status

Ever wondered what makes an Airbnb a 'Rare Find'? Dive into the secrets of achieving this status and how it boosts your Airbnb listing's appeal.

Airbnb has revolutionized the vacation rental market, offering a platform where hosts can list their properties and guests can find unique places to stay. Among the various accolades a listing can receive, the "Rare Find" badge stands out. This badge signals that a property is highly sought after and books up quickly, making it a coveted status for hosts. Achieving "Rare Find" status can significantly boost a property's visibility and appeal, though the exact criteria used by Airbnb's algorithm remain a mystery. For hosts, the pursuit of this badge represents the challenge of balancing high demand with exceptional guest experiences.

Understanding Airbnb's "Rare Find"

On Airbnb, a "Rare Find" is a badge of distinction that highlights properties that stand out due to their high demand and swift booking rates. These are the gems guests stumble upon and quickly reserve, often because they offer something exceptional or are located in sought-after destinations. The "Rare Find" badge signals to potential guests that they've discovered a listing that's not only unique but also enjoys a level of popularity and guest satisfaction that sets it apart.

Rare find Airbnb

The specifics of how Airbnb's algorithm awards this badge remain under wraps, fueling speculation among hosts about the best strategies to achieve this status. However, it's widely believed that factors such as high occupancy rates, quick response times to booking requests, and a slew of positive reviews from previous guests play pivotal roles. These elements suggest a property is both beloved and efficiently managed, making it a prime candidate for the "Rare Find" label. Airbnb hosts and listings that consistently meet or exceed guest expectations, especially in areas like check-in experience, WiFi availability, and overall stay satisfaction, are more likely to see their properties don the "Rare Find" badge, enhancing their visibility and attractiveness on the Airbnb website and among search filters.

The Significance of "Rare Find" for Hosts

Impact on Booking Rates and Visibility

The "Rare Find" badge significantly boosts a property's booking rates and visibility on the Airbnb platform. This badge acts as a beacon, drawing attention to listings that might otherwise get lost in the sea of available options. Properties marked as "Rare Finds" are prominently displayed, making them more likely to be seen and booked by potential guests. This increased visibility translates into higher occupancy rates, as the badge encourages users to book quickly, fearing they might miss out on a unique opportunity.

Airbnb rare find

Travelers are More Likely to Book

Travelers are often in search of unique, memorable experiences, and the "Rare Find" badge taps into this desire by signaling that a property offers something special. This psychological trigger can make a "Rare Find" listing more appealing than others, as guests perceive these properties as once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. The allure of staying in a highly sought-after Airbnb listing—whether it's for its unique design, exceptional location, or superb amenities—motivates guests to secure their booking post-haste.

Competitive Advantage in Desirable Locations

In competitive markets like New York or popular vacation destinations, having a "Rare Find" badge can provide a significant competitive edge. In areas where travelers have countless options, a "Rare Find" property stands out as an exceptional choice, attracting more interest and bookings. This is especially true for listings that offer unique vacation experiences, such as stays in historic buildings, properties with breathtaking views, or accommodations offering special perks. The badge signifies to potential guests that the property not only meets but exceeds the standard offerings, making it a top pick for travelers seeking an unforgettable stay.

Strategies for Achieving "Rare Find" Status

Achieving the coveted "Rare Find" status on Airbnb involves understanding and optimizing several key factors that influence your property's visibility and appeal on the platform. Here's how hosts can work towards this goal:

Maintain High Occupancy and Secure Positive Reviews

High Occupancy: Keeping your calendar booked is a clear indicator of demand, suggesting your property is a desirable place to stay. Strategies to maintain high occupancy include competitive pricing, flexibility in minimum stay requirements, achieving Airbnb superhost status, and offering discounts for longer stays.

Airbnb Superhost

Positive Reviews: Encourage your guests to leave detailed reviews by providing an exceptional stay experience. Positive feedback, especially mentions of cleanliness, convenience, and host responsiveness, significantly impacts your property’s attractiveness.

Offer Desirable Perks

WiFi and Amenities: In today’s connected world, offering reliable WiFi is almost non-negotiable. Additional amenities, like a well-equipped kitchen or laundry facilities, can also make your listing more appealing.

Free Wifi

Flexible Cancellation Policies: Given the uncertainties of travel, flexible cancellation policies can be a deciding factor for guests comparing listings.

Improve Your Listing’s Appeal

Professional Photos: High-quality, professional photos that accurately represent your space can make your listing stand out on listing pages. Ensure good lighting and clean, inviting spaces are captured. It's important to upload your high-quality image files directly into OwnerRez instead of using the compressed versions that may be available for download from another website where you've uploaded your photos. This way, you can make sure that all the OTA channels you connect to, such as Airbnb and Vrbo, will have the highest quality images. OwnerRez will push the photos to the channels for you, so you don't need to worry about doing it manually.

OwnerRez Photo Settings

Detailed Descriptions: Use your listing description to highlight unique features of your property and nearby attractions. Be clear about what guests can expect.

Leverage Search Filters: Understand the search filters on Airbnb and optimize your listing accordingly. This could mean tagging your listing accurately, whether it’s a "Private Room" or "Entire Home," and ensuring your property is listed under the correct "Type of Place" and amenities.

Enhance Guest Experience

Seamless Check-In/Check-Out: A smooth check-in and check-out process leaves a lasting impression. Consider keyless entry systems or secure lockboxes for convenience.

Personal Touches: Small gestures like a welcome note or a guidebook with local recommendations can significantly enhance the guest experience.

Prompt Communication: Be available and responsive to your guests’ inquiries and concerns. A high response rate not only improves guest satisfaction but also positively affects your Airbnb rankings.

Encourage Repeat Bookings

After a guest's stay, follow up with a thank you message and invite them to book with you again in the future. Offering a discount for repeat bookings can encourage loyalty.

Thank you note

By focusing on these areas, hosts can improve their chances of achieving "Rare Find" status, thereby increasing their property's visibility and appeal on Airbnb. Remember, while aiming for "Rare Find" is worthwhile, the ultimate goal is to provide an exceptional stay experience that guests will remember and recommend.

OwnerRez: Elevating Your Vacation Rental Business

OwnerRez is a comprehensive vacation rental management software designed to streamline the complexities of property management. It offers a suite of tools that perfectly complement Airbnb listings, including features for managing bookings, automating communication, and optimizing pricing. With its user-friendly interface, OwnerRez integrates seamlessly with Airbnb, allowing hosts to synchronize their calendars, automate guest messages, and manage reservations from multiple platforms in one centralized location.

Enhancing Guest Communication and Booking Management

One of the key strengths of OwnerRez is its ability to enhance guest communication. Automated messaging features ensure that guests receive timely and informative responses, from booking confirmations to check-in instructions and post-stay thank you notes. This level of communication excellence can significantly impact guest satisfaction, leading to positive reviews that contribute to achieving and maintaining "Rare Find" status on Airbnb.

OwnerRez's booking management system is also designed to maximize occupancy rates by simplifying the reservation process and reducing the likelihood of double bookings. OwnerRez integrates with industry-leading dynamic pricing tools allowing hosts to adjust rates based on demand, ensuring competitive pricing that can attract more bookings.

Achieving and Maintaining High Standards

OwnerRez plays a crucial role in helping hosts achieve and maintain the high standards necessary for the "Rare Find" designation. Whether it's enhancing listing descriptions, optimizing pricing strategies, or improving guest experiences, OwnerRez offers actionable guidance to elevate the quality of your vacation rental business.

Get Started With OwnerRez

OwnerRez is designed to support you in this journey, providing the tools and insights needed to not only pursue these distinguished badges but also to create unforgettable stays for your guests. From streamlining communication to optimizing your booking process, OwnerRez empowers you to elevate every aspect of your vacation rental business. Learn more about our platform features today.