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Explore features like channel management, messaging, websites, branding, reporting, automation and so much more. OwnerRez vacation rental software has all you need to manage your properties in one spot without spreadsheets and clunky software.

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OwnerRez's secure online vacation rental software lets you work from anywhere, share with your team and know that your properties, bookings and CRM records are in good hands.  What good are fancy features if they're built on a shaky foundation?  OwnerRez is the solid foundation that all power users and vacation rental experts start with.

Channel Management

Instead of using third party managers, we built direct partnerships with the major channels. Our connections are lightning fast, clean and simple. And it means we don't need to charge you a percent of your revenue.


Guest communication is a critical element we spend a lot of time on. Create personalized templates that represent your brand and send automatically with powerful triggers.


Build your brand and start driving your customers to your own website instead of third party channels.

Payment Processing

 As an independent software product for vacation rentals, we do not dictate what specific payment method or listing site you use.

Property Management (PM)



OwnerRez has tons of integrations! We are constantly adding more and keeping the ones we have up to date.


Customer Relationship Management is key to running a successful business. OwnerRez helps automate and store all guest records for your own marketing purposes to build, and maintain, a relationship with your customers over time.


OwnerRez offers a wide variety of reports, which are able to cover most situations where you'd want to extract data that has been collected. And, the vast majority of these reports can be exported to Excel and/or CSV files, allowing you to perform your own research with the data.

"I've been a developer for 22 years and focus primarily on the vacation rental sector. I've integrated other and many are just not accessible, not friendly to VRs or have sub-par support. Some just don't work. OwnerRez is my favorite solution provider to work with after trying many. They always have my back and I know my clients will all be treated golden. I sure wish more companies were like this!"

- Dawn, RedSpiralHand

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OwnerRez is the world's most powerful vacation rental management platform and the foundation that homeowners and PMs rely on.

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