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Property Management (PM)

Do you manage bookings on behalf of other owners?  Do you have co-owners or friends that own some, or all, of the cabins you manage that you charge a monthly commission to?  If so, we can help with that!


We've designed a property management system that allows you to calculate commission and generate monthly statements for your owners in a way that is clean, fast and built directly into the current booking system you already use.

Our property management system follows the trust/escrow accounting model where it is assumed that you are collecting payments from guests as "rents in trust" in a separate escrow bank account.  We then provide "payouts" statements, for both the owner and the PM (you!), so that money is moved from escrow to the rightful party at periodic times.

Statements & Payouts

Inside the PM module you can generate Owner and PM statements. These are perfect for the periodic (eg. monthly) reports you send to the owner, showing the owner's revenue and expenses. PM statements are the reports you provide to yourself, showing your earnings and reimbursed expenses.


Record expenses for items you paid for that the owner will reimburse. You can attach files to a recorded expense to save things like screenshots of physical receipts.


OwnerRez offers a wide variety of reports, which are able to cover most situations where you'd want to extract data that has been collected.  And, the vast majority of these reports can be exported to Excel and/or CSV files, allowing you to perform your own research with the data.

Portal Access

The Property Management module includes a user portal where you can grant access to owners, cleaners, maintenance staff etc. to view availability calendars and perform actions like blocking off time or viewing owner statements. Each user gets a separate login, and you can configure access to one or more properties or owners.

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