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Booking.com Passwords

James L
6 days ago
Joined Oct, 2021 66 posts


This isn't an OR question as such but I am hoping someone here might know the answer.

I have tried logging into the Booking.com extranet today and told me my password was incorrect. Strange as I rarely change these and save them in a password vault, but hey ho. So I reset the password.

Now when I try to log in it gives me Looks like this password was recently updated.  and still won't let me in. However if I deliberately get the password wrong i get The email and password combination entered doesn't match..

Anyone else come across this weirdness?




Ken T
6 days ago
OR Team Member Joined Aug, 2019 1703 posts

You are correct that this is not an OR question, so we don't have a solid answer for you.  However, from what you're describing, if you're sure that you have not yourself changed the password, this sounds like there may be a security issue of some kind.  I'd recommend calling in to BDC tech support for assistance, just to make sure you have not been hacked in some way.