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Vrbo integration

Stephen B
Apr 2, 2024 7:22 PM
Joined Jul, 2021 1 post

Hello all.

when we get a vrbo booking request through ownerrez we receive an email from ownerrez stating that we have a booking request. (Normal)

When I send a reply to the the booking request in ownerrez via “email this guest”, the message does not post in vrbo communication area so I have no way of knowing if the reply was sent to guest or not. It does show in the “email history” tab in ownerrez. I seem to remember that in the past it did show up on vrbo.

I have also contacted several of these guests directly via text and they inform me that they have in fact not received my reply.

Something else that I have noticed is that we no longer get an email from vrbo. It seems to me that we used to get a notice from vrbo and ownerrez via email.

Am doing something wrong in the way I reply or do I have an integration problem?
Thanks in advance for any assistance.


Ken T
Apr 2, 2024 9:09 PM
OR Team Member Joined Aug, 2019 1560 posts

Sending emails, and sending messages via the Vrbo internal messaging system, are two completely different systems that do not connect.  They even have different capabilities, such that many common email functions like formatting text can't be sent via the channel messengers.

However, you can configure duplicate sets of templates in OwnerRez, so as to send common messages by both email and channel message.

Emails have many possible reasons to not be delivered, but the most common is that they are misidentified as spam by the guest's email system.  OwnerRez has limited and control and visibility over this, but, it's good practice to suggest to guests to check their spam folders.

As far as emails sent from Vrbo, OwnerRez has no control or visibility over those - you'd need to reach out to Vrbo tech support for assistance with your Vrbo account configuration.

If you have a specific example of something not working as expected, please send in full details to the Helpdesk and we'd be glad to take a look.