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Peace of Mind at Dragonhead Retreat

Just wish I had found OwnerRez in my first year of having vacation rentals. Their common sense, timely tools and communiques to inquiries, booked guests, etc means I can tend to my other work, home, family... life.


I tried other products, wasting time, energy & $. Finding OwnerRez was such a relief. I can tell it was designed & implemented by professionals who had "been there/done that" as it is so logical. The sample tools, policies, communiques, etc were well thought out and easy to adjust to my use. I needed a product designed by mission-driven vacation rental owners. I joined OwerRez Facebook groups and learned a lot from them, prior to deciding on OwnerRez. Best decision I ever made.

Switched From: Lodgify

Reasons for Switching to OwnerRez: The worst experience ever. It was impossible to get any assistance in a timely manner. Their policy was to reply, via email, within 48 hours. I'd ask for help, in writing on Saturday AM and Lodgify would reply by email on Tuesday, sending me to the Encyclopedio of Logdify. FINALLY, in a chat I mentioned I had 2 one minute question, would someone call me. The rep said they NEVER call as they dont even have a phone to call out. Worse than useless. Waste of time, energy and over priced.


Not yet. I ask for help when I can't figure something out and OR reps reply quickly. They follow-up, to ensure any issue is ironed out.

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