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BEST Tech Company for Short Term Rentals Highly Recommend It

I had low expectations when I first started the free trial of this company service for my 3 year old Airbnb rental business. Everything felt a bit intimidating to start with. But boy once I got assigned by the onboarding team I was blown away by their reps' efficiency in email responses and especially the complimentary training by Adrielle. She is so sharp, competent and knows the products in and out. I attended their free webinars, watched and read so many training tutorials Adrielle sent me. Everything was so well documented and it completely boosted my confidence that I can do this thing. The one thing drew me to try this product is the direct booking website, since I am really struggling with my Airbnb bookings and I am trying to cut cost and be more competitive in pricing by eliminating the Airbnb platform fees. Adrielle walked me through on how to set up the website and she even sent me a customized tutorial video after I sent them an email with more questions. I tell you this company works like a well oiled machine. What surprised me and also impressed me is that they have some very experienced property managers on the team who are not your typical young tech guys but older ladies who know a lot about the hospitality industry and are so tech savvy. I can't tell you how pleased I am with everything they do. I even looked up if they are publicly traded company, as I am prepared to buy their stocks if they are. That's how impressed I am by this company and its employees. I highly recommend them to anyone who has a rental business. They will help you to succeed. No doubt!


Exceptional Customer Service, Outstanding Onboarding Training, Competent and Very Professional Employees very pleasant to Work with, the best company I've dealt with in a LONG TIME. I am beyond happy with their product and service.


I have not noticed any cons so far. To me the monthly cost is well worth it if I can get even just one booking out of the service.

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