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Once I got on the connect team and connected with one of their members by the name of Layla, who was absolutely amazing she was patient she was kind she was understanding she listened. She outlined our calls, followed up on things went over things if I had questions concerns. She is an amazing person and I truly enjoyed our one on one’s and learned SO MUCH! I appreciate OwnerRez and the way that they go with their web meetings. I belong to numerous Facebook groups that support OwnerRez. I find that they have numerous resources that are invaluable to me as I go through the process of learning more and more about the software that manages my business. I feel confident now because of Layla’s help and everyone there at OwnerRez helping go over the things that need to be set correctly in the software. I feel like I am set up for success. I look forward to many bookings on my website!

Reasons for Choosing OwnerRez: American owned American ran I love their software and felt like that they had a lot to offer for my needs I’m bringing a calendars together on the different channels to offering me a website. They covered all my bases and they hire amazing people. Layla is amazing.


I chose OwnerRez my number one reason was that it was an American based company and I was speaking to Americans everything after that was gravy


So far, I don’t have a least that I like about OwnerRez. I have nothing but good things to say at this point in time I truly believe this is a amazing company that would help many people that are trying to do short term rentals especially if you have several.

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