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Five Bugs Squashed! Bug spray not included.

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Where there is code, there are bugs.

OwnerRez hates bugs! And not every release can be a blockbuster either. So behold this tech safari, where we went on a bug hunt and fixed these 5 pesky bugs in our January 17th release.

Bug Fixes

Allow Structured Data Attributes (itemscope, itemtype, itemprop, etc.) in the Rich Text Editor for Hosted Websites. Some structured data attributes were not saved correctly in the Rich Text Editor for Hosted Websites. OR resolved this glitch, and Structured Data Attributes will now save correctly in the Rich Text Editor for Hosted Websites.

Don't Error on Inserting Customer Mapping if QuickBooks Online Account is in Bad State. Users who had unpaid or inactive QuickBooks Online accounts encountered customer mapping errors. We fixed this glitch, and users with unpaid or inactive QuickBooks Online accounts will no longer experience customer mapping errors.

Fix Booking Client Error Page. Some users encountered errors on our new guest Review and Travel Insurance purchase forms when using an incomplete URL. OR resolved this bug by showing a friendly error instead of an ugly raw server error.

Fix Regression on Airbnb "listing approval status change" Webhook. OR discovered a regression in our handling of the Airbnb "listing approval status change" webhook. We corrected this issue to ensure the Airbnb "listing approval status change" automated webhook runs smoothly.

Google Vacation Rentals Private Beta:

  • "Day of the Week" Only Criteria Does Not Show Properly. Discounts or surcharges with the only criteria configured to Day of the Week were not applied to Google Vacation Rental (GVR) API-connected properties. This bug was fixed, allowing Day of the Week criteria to be the only criteria configured for discounts or surcharges.