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What Customers Say After Switching

Don't take our word for it. Hundreds of Lodgify users have flocked to OwnerRez in the past few years - we call them "Lodgify refugees".  They rave about the differences. Here are a couple.

"Wish I had found OwnerRez first"

"Lodgify was worst experience ever. It was impossible to get any assistance in a timely manner. The rep said they never call, dont even have a phone to call out. Worse than useless. Waste of time, and over priced"

Kathy on Capterra (Sep 2023)

"Lodgify was way too limited and inflexible"

Basically everything I had needed so far I found a work around in OwnerRez. Or the staff helped me to find a solutions. ....Lodgify was way too limited and inflexible.

Julia in Greece (Apr 2022)

"OwnerRez is the best!"

OwnerRez does several things that Lodgify is not able to do, the biggest being the way it can nest and link different of my properties together to eliminate double bookings.

Shelley in Texas (Apr 2022)

Feature Comparison

OwnerRez was built, ground-up, for power users. Lodgify was not. Across every feature category, Lodgify fails to keep up.

Feature OwnerRez Lodgify
Channel Manager - Size of Network Many dozens, including all the top vacation rental OTAs and an extensive network of regional listing sites Small handful
Channel Manager - Connection Style Direct partnerships, built entirely in-house, lighting fast and deeply invested in Some direct, some 3rd party
Channel Manager - Awards and Accolades Multi-year awards for Elite and Preferred Plus Connected partner only, not top-rated
Channel Manager - Google Vacation Rentals Yes Yes
Channel Manager - Internal API for smaller OTAs Yes, providing direct access to Hopper, Houfy, GetAwayGoGo, Whimstay,  FloridaRentals, HomeToGo and many more regional listing sites. No
Direct Booking Website Yes Yes
Direct Booking Website - Design Yes, multiple templates, can 100% customize after selecting Some templates, but limited customization
Direct Booking Website - SEO Highly optimized for SEO, built on years of industry experience Limited
Direct Booking Website - Responsive (mobile, tablet, desktop sizes) Yes, looks beautiful at every screen size Limited
Direct Booking Website - WordPress options Yes, use our plugin to create your own custom experience No
Direct Booking Website - WordPress designers/builders Yes, network of recommended experts No
Direct Booking Website - Custom options Yes, API access for custom website builders No
Direct Booking Website - Custom designers/builders Yes, network of recommended experts No
Accounting Rich accounting tools with full invoicing, payments, refunds and balance management Limited
Accounting - Deposit syncing Yes, for Airbnb and Stripe, full "to the penny" detail including fees and adjustments No
Accounting - Payment processing 20+ processors and gateways 3 processors
Accounting - Guest forms, custom scenarios Hosted forms for payments, security deposits, insurance and other things, even if you don't have a website No
Accounting - QuickBooks integration Yes No
Renter Agreements Yes, fully hosted and free for all users No
Messaging Yes, sophisticated triggers, unified inbox Limited
Other Integrations

100+ certified partners and integrations
(Everyone loves to build apps for OwnerRez! ❤)

Only a dozen or so

Support Comparison

A constant complaint about Lodgify is the poor support. Even if you manage to get someone on the phone, there is no helpful answer. At OwnerRez, every member of our Customer Support department is trained in our core principles, like "create happiness" and "one touch solve".

Feature OwnerRez Lodgify
Onboarding Free 1-on-1 video setup call with your own Onboarding specialist, dedicated personal setup time Email help, knowledge base, DIY
Switching Over Special ProConnect and ProTranster programs to move your data from Lodgify (or another PMS) on your behalf No
Phone Support Yes!  Dedicated Engagement specialists, on the phone, at a time of your choosing No
Helpdesk (tickets/email) 1-2 day average response time, detailed "one touch solve" answers 8-10 day average response time, robotic answers
Support Center Articles Thousands of articles, detailed walk-throughs, built and managed in-house Few lightweight articles, using 3rd party software
Support Center Videos 75+ walk-through videos No
User Feedback / Requests Active "Feature Request" forum, built and managed in-house, monitored weekly by planning and engineering teams No
Community / Forum Active internal forum built and managed in-house, monitored and responded to daily by Helpdesk team. Also active in other community forums hosted elsewhere. No
In-Person Engagmement We attend many conferences per year and talk to our users directly about what they like and dislike. We also sponsor small user hangouts and other regional events. No

Cost Comparison

Have you heard the phrase "you pay for what you get"?  Unfortunately, that's not the case with Lodgify. Given the shallow features and mediocre support, the price should be half of what it is.  Even though OwnerRez is far more powerful, our pricing is still less!  At every size of STR business, OwnerRez is cheaper than Lodgify.

Feature OwnerRez Lodgify
Booking Commission/Fee Free!  Booking commissions are evil, and we've maintained a hard stance on this for years.

(about $380 - $1,900 per year for the average vacation rental property)

Base Monthly Price for Homeowner (1-5 properties) $40 - $88 $48 - $120
Base Monthly Price for Small PM (6 - 20 properties) $96 - 196 $130 - $264
Base Monthly Price for Medium PM (21 - 50 properties) $202 - $374 $274 - $526
Base Monthly Price for Large PM (51 - 100 properties) $378 - $573 $534 - $938
Base Monthly Price for Very Large PM (101 - 500 properties) $576 - $1,472 Requires custom sales contract, averages 50-75% higher than OwnerRez price

The Independent Review Boards Agree

Every independent review board (Gartner Digital, Capterra, SoftwareAdvice) rates OwnerRez significantly higher than Lodgify. Let's take a look at the charts!

The following chart shows vacation rental software products with the highest value-for-money and functionality ratings based on Capterra's vacation rental analysis. Products are arranged in increasing order of their value-for-money rating (bottom to top) and functionality rating (left to right).  OwnerRez is at the top.  Lodgify is at the bottom.

SoftwareAdvice.com interviews real software users to highlight North America's top-rated vacation rental software products. The following chart shows OwnerRez as a leader in customer satisfaction and right near the top of usability, earning one of the top overall positions in vacation rental software.  Lodgify is closer to the bottom of both categories.

Over at GetApp, OwnerRez received one of the highest ranks among all vacation rental software products. Each score is based on 5 key criteria, worth up to 20 points. The maximum total score is 100. The following chart shows the score OwnerRez received (94 out of 100).  Wondering what Lodgify scored?  Nothing - they didn't make the cut.

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