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Listing Quality Analyzer Additions and 16 Bugs Smashed!

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The guy who invented auto-correct passed away.

Restaurant in peace.🌹Unlike unpredictable auto-correct quirks, OwnerRez's Listing Quality Analyzer is always dependable! Read more about it in this product update explaining our February 7th release with 17 updates!

Enhancements & Tweaks

Listing Quality Analyzer Additions

The OwnerRez Listing Quality Analyzer (LQA) checks your listings for errors and recommends improvement. We've added the following checks for Vrbo and Airbnb channels.

  • Warnings for Vrbo properties
    • All properties under a single Vrbo account must use the same currency. Accounts with properties in different currencies will receive a warning.
  • Warnings for Airbnb properties
    • Properties connected to Airbnb API with configured security deposits and credit card processors will receive a warning if security deposits are not enabled for their listing.
    • Properties with different lead times configured from their Airbnb API-connected listing will receive a warning.

OwnerRez Listing Quality Analyzer (LQA)

Watch the Listing Quality Analyzer video to learn more.

Bug Fixes

Fix Failure on Airbnb Channel Bridge Import if There are No Identifier Mappings. Airbnb Channel Bridge imports with no property identifier mappings configured were generating errors.OR resolved this bug to ensure that Airbnb Channel Bridge imports with no property identifier mappings configured will be completed without errors.

Fix Issue on Reports Where Total Change Percentage was Calculated Incorrectly. Some Report tooltips displayed incorrect total change percentage calculations. We fixed this glitch, and Report tooltips will now display correct total change percentage calculations.

Fix Issue When Attaching a Second Airbnb Account Was Not Updating a Message Thread's Contact Identity. Some users had trouble updating their linked account identity contact when attaching a second Airbnb account. OR resolved this issue to ensure users can correctly update their linked account identity contact when connecting a second Airbnb account.

Fix Issue Where Airbnb Resolution Payouts Triggering Creation of Duplicate VAT Fee. Airbnb resolution payouts were incorrectly generating duplicate VAT fees. We corrected this glitch, and Airbnb resolution payouts will now generate the correct VAT fees.

Fix Issue Where Beachfront Amenity Was Pushed to Airbnb Incorrectly. Airbnb API-connected properties with the Beach Access amenity selected were incorrectly pushing the Beachfront amenity to Airbnb. OR fixed this bug to ensure that Airbnb API-connected properties with the Beach Access amenity are correctly pushed to Airbnb.

Fix Issue Where Booking Through Booking.com Does Not Invoke Channel TriggersSome Booking.com (BDC) new booking channel message triggers were not firing correctly as expected. We have resolved this glitch to ensure that BDC new booking channel message triggers will fire correctly.

Fix Issue Where Booking.com Message Threads Were Created Without Both Participants Causing Crash on Message History. After the January 24th release of Booking.com messaging an issue was encountered which caused Communication History to not load for some users due to a crash-bang under the covers. This was fixed by ensuring all participants were properly tied to all bookings' thread creations.

Fix Issue Where Surcharges That Apply to "My Website" are Missing From Charges on Inquiry of Direct Booking. Some surcharges configured to apply to "My Website" were not correctly applied to direct booking charges due to improper widget Listing Site ID filtering. OR has corrected this issue to ensure that surcharges configured to apply to "My Website" will be correctly applied to direct booking charges.

Fix Issue Where Threads Were Not Created Immediately Upon Booking for Airbnb. Some Airbnb API-connected properties encountered failures of new booking message threads being generated immediately. We fixed this bug, and new booking message threads will be generated properly for Airbnb API-connected properties.

Handle Airbnb Photo Delete Rate Limit Gracefully and Do Not Keep Retrying. Due to OR retry attempts, Airbnb photo deletions were hindered by Airbnb "rate limiting." The Airbnb photo deletion process has been optimized to work around rate-limiting issues.

Handle Stripe "Reserved Funds" as Deposit Adjustment. Stripe "Reserved Funds" were incorrectly handled as deposits rather than the correct deposit adjustment. OR resolved this issue, and Stripe "Reserved Funds" will be correctly treated as deposit adjustments.

Improve VAT Handling in Airbnb Deposit Import. VAT taxes were not optimally handled in the Airbnb Deposit Import process. We have improved the VAT tax handling in the Airbnb Deposit Import process. 

Properly Handle Errors When Sending Third-party Alerts on Quote Accept to Avoid Failed Bookings. Some third-party alerts sent on quote acceptances generated errors, leading to failed bookings. OR corrected this glitch to ensure third-party alerts sent on quote acceptance errors will not affect the associated bookings.

Set OwnerRez Metadata on Airbnb Photos to Improve Syncing. OwnerRez has improved the pre-populated photo metadata synced with Airbnb.

Hubitat Lock Integration Private Beta:

  • Sync All Upcoming Door Codes Once a Day. Some OwnerRez properties that had Hubitat locks integrated encountered door lock code failures. OR fixed this bug by forcing all Hubitat door lock code integrations to now sync once a day.

Google Vacation Rentals Private Beta:

  • Resolve Failure When Uploading Brand Icon. Google Vacation Rentals (GVR) API-connected properties encountered Brand icon errors due to the OAuth process. We have resolved this issue to ensure that uploaded GVR Brand icons that fall within the approved parameters are accepted.