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Update February 7, 2024


  • Enhance Listing Quality Analyzer:
    • Warn on Vrbo account containing properties with different currencies
    • Warn on misconfigured security deposits on Airbnb channels
    • Warn on misconfigured property lead time on Airbnb channels
  • Fix issue when attaching a second Airbnb account not updating a message thread's contact identity
  • Fix issue where threads were not created immediately upon booking for Airbnb
  • Fix issue where Booking.com message threads were created without both participants causing crash on message history
  • Fix issue where Booking.com booking does not invoke channel triggers
  • Handle Airbnb photo delete rate limit gracefully and do not keep retrying
  • Set OwnerRez metadata on Airbnb photos to improve syncing
  • Handle Stripe "Reserved Funds" as deposit adjustment
  • Improve VAT handling in Airbnb deposit import
  • Properly handle errors when sending third-party alerts on quote accept to avoid failed bookings
  • Fix failure on Airbnb Channel Bridge import if there are no identifier mappings
  • Fix issue where Beachfront amenity was pushed to Airbnb incorrectly
  • Fix issue where Airbnb resolution payouts triggered creation of duplicate VAT fee
  • Fix issue where Surcharges that apply to "My Website" are missing from charges on inquiry of direct booking
  • Fix issue on Reports where Total Change Percentage was calculated incorrectly
  • Hubitat Lock Integration Private Beta:
    • Sync all upcoming door codes once a day
  • Google Vacation Rentals Private Beta:
    • Resolve failure when uploading brand icon