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10 Board Games Perfect For Your Short-Term Rental

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10 Board Games Perfect For Your Short-Term Rental

Discover popular board games that make your Airbnb vacation rental stand out! Enhance your guests' stay with our selection of games perfect for game nights.

Board Games

Board games have become an essential part of the guest experience for many Airbnb vacation rentals. They offer a unique way to unwind and bond, transforming a simple night in into an exciting game night. These games are not only entertaining but also family-friendly, catering to groups of all ages and providing an inclusive activity that everyone can enjoy together. For hosts, providing a selection of popular board games can be an excellent way to enhance their guests' stay, ensuring that even moments indoors are filled with laughter and friendly competition.

Best Board Games for Your Vacation Rental Property

Selecting the right board games can significantly enhance the guest experience at your vacation rental. The following are time-tested favorites that promise to entertain a wide range of player preferences, from family-friendly options to games that challenge strategy lovers.

1. Settlers of Catan

In Catan, players become settlers on a quest for domination through resource management and trading. Strategic thinking and tactical planning are essential in this popular board game, making it an excellent pick for groups of friends who love to engage in competitive play with a dose of friendly negotiation.

Settlers of Catan

2. Monopoly

A classic board game that has long been a fan favorite, Monopoly offers a mix of luck and strategy as players buy and trade properties to bankrupt their opponents. It highlights the elements of strategy and competitive play, and while it is suitable for all ages, it is especially engaging for those who love long-term strategic planning.


3. Scrabble

Scrabble is the ultimate word-forming strategy game that tests both vocabulary and problem-solving skills. It's a fun game that’s also a family-friendly choice suitable for a range of age groups.


4. Codenames

Codenames is a team-based word game that emphasizes communication and teamwork. Agents must cleverly connect words on the table based on their team’s single-word clues. With simple rules, it's easy to learn, ensuring an inclusive atmosphere and a lot of fun for adults and younger audiences alike.


5. Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is a railway-themed board game that mixes strategy with historical adventure. Players collect train cards to claim railway routes across a map and spend their turns laying tracks to fulfill those routes. This game is suitable for all ages and is perfect for family game nights, combining strategic thinking with an element of luck.

Ticket to Ride

6. Dominion

Players in Dominion seek to create the most impressive kingdom by acquiring a varied deck of cards each with their own abilities and powers. This strategy game is engaging for strategy lovers and ensures a thrilling play experience with its tactical planning and ever-changing dynamic.


7. Risk

Risk is a classic example of a strategy game where players control armies to conquer the world. A popular board game for those who appreciate historical themes and enjoy testing their tactical planning and problem-solving skills in competitive play.


8. Pandemic

Pandemic fosters cooperative gameplay as players work as a team to stop the spread of diseases and save humanity. It's an excellent board game for those who enjoy working together and employing problem-solving skills in a race against time.


9. Exploding Kittens

A quick card game that's a lot of fun, Exploding Kittens caters to those who enjoy humor with a side of suspense. It's easy to learn, making it perfect for light-hearted play in larger groups and an engaging option for young audiences.

Exploding Kittens

10. Cards Against Humanity

This party game provides raucous entertainment for adults. With each round offering a surprising and often hilarious outcome, it’s a great icebreaker and ensures a memorable guest experience.

Cards Against Humanity

How to Choose the Right Games for Your Guests

When selecting board games for Airbnb guests, family-friendly options are essential. These games should cater for all ages, ensuring a guest experience that is inclusive and enjoyable. Airbnb hosts and property managers should consider games that are easy to learn and quick to play, as guests might not want to spend extensive time learning complex rules.

  • Diverse Interests: Include a range of genres such as strategy, trivia, and word games to appeal to different interests.
  • Language Independent: Choose games with minimal text or language-based instructions to accommodate international guests.
  • Space and Pieces: Opt for games that are compact and have fewer pieces to reduce the risk of lost components.

It's beneficial to provide games that encourage interaction, which can enhance the social atmosphere of the Airbnb. A selection of popular titles might include:

Providing clear instructions or a quick-start guide for each game can greatly improve the experience. This approach allows guests to spend less time setting up and more time enjoying the fun.

It is recommended for hosts to regularly check the condition and completeness of the games provided. Missing pieces or damaged components can negatively impact the overall experience of Airbnb guests. Keeping everything in good order reflects well on the host and ensures a positive experience for all users.

Caring for Your Board Games

Maintaining board games is essential for Airbnb hosts and property managers who offer these amenities to enhance guests' experiences. Proper care ensures longevity and satisfaction for future visitors.


Store board games in a dry, room-temperature environment. Stack games horizontally to prevent box warping and components damage. It’s also advisable to place heavier games on the bottom.

Component Safety

  • Secure loose pieces in zip-lock bags or small containers.
  • Use rubber bands or board game inserts to organize cards and prevent bending.
  • Avoid direct sunlight which can fade colors and degrade materials.

Game Play

Encourage guests to use games on flat surfaces and consume food and drinks away from the gaming area. Provide clear instructions to guests for game pack-up to ensure all pieces return to their proper place.


  • Wipe boards and boxes with a dry cloth.
  • For sticky residues, use a slightly damp cloth with mild soap, and dry immediately.
  • Disinfect regularly, especially during high turnover periods for added guest safety.

Rules & Instructions

Keep a laminated copy of the game rules in the box. This prevents damage to the original materials and allows for easy cleaning.

By adhering to these care practices, Airbnb hosts and real estate managers can preserve their board game collections, offering an entertaining and shared experience to guests while maintaining property value.

Encourage Guests to Play

Leave a guest book for visitors to share their game night stories or even include unique amenities like a scoreboard or leaderboard for games that encourage light-hearted competition. This encourages a sense of community among guests as they contribute to the ongoing narrative of the Airbnb.

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