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Spot Rates Grid Adjustments, Including Import and Export Template Updates, and Other Bug Fixes

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Why don’t people like jokes about Friday?

They’re week. 😜 OwnerRez knows you navigate Fridays like a boss, so resist that urge to start your weekend early by powering through our latest product update. It's packed with 14 updates that were released on November 29th, including some Spot Rates Grid Adjustments with updated Import and Export Templates.

Enhancements & Tweaks

Spot Rates Grid Adjustments

While most of our February 10th release of the Spot Rates and Rates Calendar enhancement was focused on the Calendar tab, it was time to turn our attention to bringing the Spot Rates tab to parity with the Calendar tab.

Here's what the Spot Rates tab used to look like.

Old OwnerRez Spot Rates Tab

The new Spot Rates tab includes the following changes.

  • The Gap column has been added on the right and will display either "Gap required" or "Use default," depending on your Property Changeover Restrictions.
  • The Set Rates button has been removed.

New OwnerRez Spot Rates Tab

Additionally, both the Spot Rate Import and Export Excel files now include these additional columns, just like the Rate Calendar.

  • Max Nights
  • Arrival
  • Departure
  • Changeover

Updated Spot Rates Export Excel File Template

Bug Fixes

Allow Mapping ACS Door and Elevator Floor in RemoteLock. OwnerRez has added RemoteLock Locks Property Mapping capabilities for Access Control Systems (ACS).

Clean Up Schlage Integration Errors Shown to User. When users attempted to manually set the booking door code to the existing numeric door code, they received an unhelpful generic Schlage error message. OR fixed this bug by updating the error message to notify the user that the access code is already in use and to enter a different code.

Disallow HTML Form Submissions on Hosted Website Booking/Inquiry Widgets. OwnerRez does not allow HTML input in the Comments/Questions field of the Hosted Website Booking/Inquiry widget, and if an HTML element was detected, both guests and logged-in OR users received an unhelpful error message. We have added an additional validation rule prohibiting HTML content in the Comments/Questions field of the Hosted Website Booking/Inquiry widget, along with an accompanying error message.

Don't Update Door Codes on Existing Bookings When Merging to a Guest or a New Vrbo Booking. New door codes were generated when a user merged guests or received a return Vrbo booking from a previous guest. OR has fixed this glitch so it no longer generates new door codes when guests are merged or when a user receives a return Vrbo booking from a previous guest.

Fix Bad Logic on Brivo & PointCentral For Deleting Active Codes. Deleting active door lock codes for Brivo & PointCentral connected door locks resulted in errors due to flawed logic. We have corrected the logic to delete active lock codes correctly if initiated by the user for Brivo & PointCentral-connected door locks.

Fix Expenses Filter on Booking. When filtering for booking expenses by their description only, expenses added to a PM-managed booking did not appear as expected in the search results. OR has corrected this bug, and filtering by PM-managed booking expenses by their description only will now correctly appear in the search results.

Fix Rare Case of a Vrbo Message Thread Interfering With a Vrbo Booking. A Vrbo booking confirmation message was not sent due to a rare case where the booking and message thread arrived in OR simultaneously. We have resolved the glitch by prioritizing the receipt of booking information.

Image Upload Should More Smoothly Reject Illegal Characters. Users who attempted to upload images with the vertical bar or pipe character (|) in the image file name encountered upload failures. OR fixed this bug, and the system now removes the offending characters during upload.

Make Airbnb Listing Importer Handle Text in Checkout Time. The  Airbnb Listing Importer tool was not correctly parsing the Checkout time of "hh:mm (next day)" text, leading to import errors. We corrected this issue by updating the Airbnb Listing Importer tool to include any text in the Checkout time field properly.

Remove Deprecated Vrbo API Amenities. The Vrbo API no longer supports the Lanai/Gazebo (covered) amenity or using the Shower and Combination Tub/Shower amenities together. OR has removed the Lanai/Gazebo (covered) deprecated amenity and will only send the Combination Tub/Shower if both the Shower and Combination Tub/Shower are selected amenities.

Return a 503 Instead of 500 From Our API When We Receive an Error From the Vendor API. It was observed that OwnerRez was returning 500 internal server errors mistakenly when vendor errors were encountered. We have updated the code to return a more useful 503 status code when receiving vendor errors.

Google Vacation Rentals Private Beta:

  • Track down and Confirm Multiple Rate Modifications are Being Sent Properly. Users of GVR-connected properties that created multiple rent-only stacked discounts encountered rate accuracy errors. OR has resolved this issue by verifying that the Direct Rate Tester and channel price apply discounts correctly, even when the discounts are stacked, to match the quotes for the requested dates.
  • Use Standard Push Calculation Logic for Service. OR was experiencing errors from GVR due to their calculation of quotes with dates that include specific times instead of standard OR logic that uses only dates. We have corrected this glitch by utilizing the Standard Push Calculation Logic for Service to consistently push and check for changes in the ARI XML message.