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Your Guide to Creating a Kid-Friendly Vacation Rental

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Your Guide to Creating a Kid-Friendly Vacation Rental

Learn how to transform your vacation rental into a paradise for kids and a getaway for parents. Make your property the go-to choice for family vacations.

Kid-Friendly Vacation Rental

Not all vacation rentals are created equal when it comes to family vacations. Those that are deemed kid-friendly usually provide additional space for activities, childproofing measures to ensure safety, and convenient facilities such as cribs and high chairs. The location of these rentals is often close to popular attractions, parks, and restaurants that welcome families, reducing travel time and making the vacation more enjoyable for all age groups.

kid friendly tent

When searching for a kid-friendly vacation rental, families look for properties that offer a blend of comfort, convenience, and entertainment options. These rentals often include features like swimming pools with safety barriers, playrooms or outdoor play equipment, and secure Wi-Fi for streaming children's programs. With the right rental, parents can relax knowing their children are accommodated, turning a simple vacation into an extraordinary family experience.

Understanding the Needs of Traveling Families

Safety is often the top priority for parents on family trips. Accommodations with child-proof measures, such as safety gates for stairs and covers for electrical outlets, create a secure environment. Here are some tips to help you design your vacation home’s layout to be enjoyable for the entire family.

Space and Layout

For a family-friendly vacation rental, ample space allows children to play, while separate bedrooms offer privacy and quiet time. A well-thought-out layout with a common living area encourages family bonding.safe space for kids

Entertainment and Activities

Rentals that provide books, games, and age-appropriate toys can keep children engaged. Access to family-centric activities in the vicinity—such as parks, beaches, or playgrounds—adds value to the stay.Entertainment and Activities for kids


Consideration for those traveling with young children or elderly family members is also important. Features such as strollers, cribs, and wheelchair access can significantly enhance convenience for guests.kid stroller

Understanding these needs influences the choice of a family vacation rental and can transform a simple getaway into a memorable experience for the entire family. By focusing on comfort, practicality, and entertainment, property owners can cater to the diverse expectations of traveling families, ensuring that their next family vacation is a success.

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Family features in OwnerRez

Essential Kid-Friendly Amenities

Selecting the right family vacation rental involves more than just location. Families need to consider specific amenities that cater to children's needs for a comfortable and safe stay.

Safety Features

A family vacation rental should prioritize child safety. Safety gates are fundamental for blocking off areas like stairs or kitchens. Rentals should provide outlet covers, and furniture with sharp edges should have corner guards. Also, pools and jacuzzis, if available, need proper fencing and alarms to ensure children do not enter unsupervised.safety gate for kids

Sleeping Solutions

For families, especially those with infants or toddlers, vacation rentals must offer adequate sleeping arrangements. A crib or pack 'n play is essential, as well as having extra bedding available. For large families or family reunions, bunk beds and sleeper sofas can create additional, practical sleeping spaces.kid crib

Feeding Essentials

Feeding essentials are critical when traveling with children. Vacation rentals catering to families will ideally provide a high chair and plastic tableware, such as plates, cups, and utensils suitable for young children.kid high chair

Indoor Entertainment

Some family-friendly vacation rentals include a game room, complete with options such as pool tables, foosball, and board games. For those who enjoy digital entertainment, game consoles like Xbox or PlayStation are often available, along with a selection of family-friendly games. Many rentals also offer access to streaming services on large, smart TVs, allowing families to watch movies and TV shows together after a day of adventure.kids playing games

Outdoor Fun

For a delightful family getaway, many properties offer outdoor amenities tailored to both children and adults. Private pools provide a safe and enjoyable way for the family to cool down and have fun without leaving the property. Additionally, rentals situated on the beachfront or oceanfront offer easy access to the sea shore for building sandcastles, frolicking in the waves, or simply enjoying the serene ocean view. Firepits are also a fun outdoor amenity for all the smore’s adventures.kids outdoor fun

Comfort Amenities

Vacation rentals that prioritize comfort ensure that each family member's needs are met. Comfort amenities can include everything from high-quality mattresses and bedding to ensure a good night's sleep to conveniently located bathrooms with enough towels and toiletries. The living spaces are typically designed to be cozy and inviting, with plenty of seating for family gatherings and restful spots for quiet reading or relaxation.kids cozy amenities

Dedicated Kids’ Space

For a beach house or cabin rental to be considered truly kid-friendly, providing a designated area for children to play and relax is key. An indoor space is beneficial for rainy days or breaks from the sun, while an outdoor area might include a sandbox or splash pad, if space permits, for hours of safe and enjoyable playtime.kids play area

Kid-Friendly Bathroom Amenities

Bathrooms should be safe and accessible for children of all ages. Include step stools so little ones can reach the sink, and consider equipping bathtubs with non-slip mats and handheld showerheads for easier bathing. For families with infants or toddlers, offering amenities such as a small bathtub or a portable bath seat can make a significant difference. If the rental is a cabin nestled in colder climates, ensure there are enough warm towels and potentially even robes suitable for children, adding to the cozy and comfortable environment after bath time.Kid-Friendly Bathroom

Marketing Your Kid-Friendly Rental

Marketing a kid-friendly vacation rental requires a deep understanding of what truly appeals to families. To draw attention to your property, emphasize features that cater not only to children for endless fun but also to parents for peace of mind and relaxation. Here’s how to make your listing irresistible by highlighting amenities that promise an unforgettable family getaway.

Craft a Compelling Listing Description

Begin with a captivating listing description that showcases your property’s family-friendly amenities.

Unique Attractions: Mention the availability of a treehouse for adventurous play, a heated pool for year-round enjoyment, or a hot tub for parents to relax while kids snooze.

Active Fun: Point out the inclusion of kayaks for water exploration, a ping pong table for friendly family competitions, and proximity to theme parks and golf courses for day-long outings.

Comfort and Convenience: Stress the comfort of having a spacious living room where the family can gather for games and movies, alongside the convenience of being pet-friendly, ensuring no family member is left behind.

Local Attractions: Emphasize your rental’s location, especially if it’s near theme parks or family-friendly attractions, making it an ideal base for family fun.

Include High-Quality Photos

Capture and share high-quality, well-lit photos that highlight these amenities. Showcase the inviting warmth of the living room and the excitement of the outdoor features like the pool and kayaks. Photos should tell a story of family fun, comfort, and adventure. Take a look at our Vacation Rental Photography Tips to Increase Bookings guide to learn more.

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Leverage Positive Guest Feedback

Encourage past guests to detail their experiences, focusing on how your rental made their family vacation special. Positive feedback about children and families enjoying their time or the convenience of bringing pets along can greatly influence potential guests.

Price Competitively with Value in Mind

Ensure your pricing reflects the added value of these kid-friendly and family-oriented amenities. Competitive pricing, combined with unique features like a heated pool, access to kayaks, and a pet-friendly policy, highlights the exceptional value your property offers to family travelers.

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