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Smart Lock Overview

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Smart Lock Overview

Smart door locks are easing some of the burdens of short-term rental property owners and managers. These locks utilize cutting-edge technology to provide a range of features that offer heightened security, improved guest check-in experience, and streamlined management. From remote access control to integration with smart home systems, smart door locks are becoming a popular choice for property owners who want to enhance security while offering a convenient and hassle-free experience for their guests.

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Smart Lock Benefits

One of the key advantages of smart door locks is the ability to provide remote access control. With traditional locks, property owners often need to physically hand over keys or make arrangements for guests to pick them up, which can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Smart door locks allow property owners to remotely manage access to their rentals through a smartphone app or a web-based interface. Property owners now can grant or revoke access to their rentals from anywhere, at any time, providing them with greater control and flexibility over who can enter their property.

Another benefit of smart door locks is the improved guest experience. With smart door locks, guests enjoy a seamless and convenient check-in process. Property owners can send temporary access codes to guests, eliminating the need for physical keys and allowing guests to access the property at their convenience. This improves the guest experience, as it eliminates the hassle of coordinating key exchanges and provides guests with the freedom to check-in at any time, even if the property owner is not present.

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Smart Lock Management

Smart door locks also offer property owners valuable insights and data that can help with management and optimization of their short-term rentals. Many smart door locks provide activity logs, which allow property owners to monitor who has entered and exited the property, as well as when. This can be useful for tracking guest check-ins and check-outs, identifying any potential issues or discrepancies, and ensuring that the property is being used responsibly. Some smart door locks also offer integration with property management software, allowing property owners to streamline their operations and automate tasks such as guest access, cleaning schedules, and maintenance requests.

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Smart Lock Tips and Tricks

  • Automatically generate smart lock door codes from your Property Management System (PMS) that will be stored within each booking and updated if the dates or property change. 
  • Use the last 4 digits of the guest phone number as the smart lock door access code. Guests are unlikely to forget their door access code and your Property Management System (PMS) can easily generate the door access code based off each guest phone number.
  • Allow plenty of extra time on check-in/check-out. With a time based lock, it's tempting to set the allowed times as the specific check-in and check-out times. But to be safe, it’s recommended to allow a bit of leeway. It's far preferable to have a guest check-in early or check-out a little late than to have to send staff to the property because the door access code didn't work or has expired. These are some scenarios that can be avoided by allowing extra time both before and after check-in times.
    • Perhaps the guest coordinated an early check-in with the property manager and is anticipating and expecting an early check-in time but there was some mixup with smart door lock and/or property management.
    • At check-out time, guests may forget something but now no longer have access to the vacation rental to retrieve the forgotten item. 
  • Have a spare key available to on-site property management staff in the event of smart lock failure. 
  • Change the smart door lock batteries on a regular schedule to ensure consistent guest access to the vacation rental property.  
  • Install an interior only deadbolt lock for additional guest security. 

Smart Lock Review

As the short-term rental industry continues to grow and evolve, property owners and managers need to adapt as well. Smart door locks are becoming an essential tool for property owners who want to provide a safe and convenient experience for their guests while maximizing their rental potential. Investing in smart door locks can be a wise decision for property owners looking to stay ahead in the competitive short-term rental market.