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OwnerRez can automatically generate codes for your many different types of door locks, including numeric sequence locks and WiFi locks. Each time a booking is created, OwnerRez will automatically set the door lock code without you lifting a finger! If the booking moves properties or changes dates, the code is updated or a new code is generated (depending on the capabilities of the lock) so that the guest always has the correct code.

Users are not required to use the same lock integration system for all their properties but can only integrate one lock system per property.

Here is the general information on all door lock integrations:

And specifics on each supported type:

Setting Up the Integration

To get started, go to Settings > Door Locks then click the button to connect to the type of integration you have.

OwnerRez Door Lock Integrations

For some lock types, the connection process may take you to the lock provider to log in and authorize OwnerRez to connect to your account. For others you'll need to enter a username/password.


Once you're in the connection process, the available configuration options will display.

Edit Door Lock Configuration

Here's a rundown...

Check-In/Check-Out and arrival/departure Grace Period

By default, codes are limited to the specific check-in/check-out times of the booking with a 1 hour grace period. You can alter the grace period, turn it off, or make the code work all day. We recommend at least some grace period, and we recommend caution before turning it off.

If there's no grace period, the system will create codes that limit the guest to the exact times of their booking based on the check-in/out times on their booking or property. While this may seem good at first, keep in mind that it means the guest will not be able to get in if the time on the lock is slightly different then expected. For instance, you could have Daylight Savings Time not configured on one side or the other. Another example is where the guest checks out a few minutes late and, after carrying items out to their car, can no longer get back inside the property.


The grace period is calculated from the check-in/check-out times - which means that check-in/check-out times must be set.  OwnerRez has built-in default check-in/check-out times if you haven't set them, but these are not used for lock time calculations.

Make sure you have explicitly set the default check-in/check-out times for each Property under your Property Rules.  If "standard" is selected, the lock code will be programmed to allow access all day - from midnight, to midnight - which you probably do not want.

Code Generation

The Generate How option defines how the code will be generated. All locks (except for manual) support letting the lock provider generate the code. If the provider supports setting codes, you'll be able to choose an option to generate based on the guests's phone number or a random number, and choose how many digits to use.

If the booking does not have a phone number on file when it is time for the code to be generated, no code will be generated.  As soon as a phone number is provided, a code will immediately be generated with no additional manual actions required; however, any email templates that should have contained the code but have already been sent without it, would need to be manually resent.

The Generate When option controls when the code will be generated -- at booking, a few days before arrival, or completely manually when you use Set Code or Generate Code on the booking

The Generate For option lets you generate codes for bookings only, or both bookings and blocked-off time. Blocks created by mutual blocking will never have codes generated regardless of this setting.


The Segment Length option lets you take a long code and split it with hyphens for an easier to read display for guests. For example If you have a 10 digit code, you could set a segment length of 3 and get 123-456-7890.

The Contact Info option will only show for lock types that can accept contact info, and lets you send the contact email to the lock provider when generating the code.

Property Mapping

Once the record is created, you will see a page showing the integration and a Property Mapping section. This is where you'll match your locks to the properties to which they apply. You can match one property to multiple locks, as well as one lock to multiple properties.

Click the Change button on the Property Mapping.

Change Property Mapping

Select which lock to use for which property.

You may need to click on Add Door Lock and add the name of the lock.

Add Door Lock


It is not necessary to select a lock for every property. You may have properties that do not have a lock installed - leave those blank. If blank, OwnerRez will consider that property to not have a lock and no code generation will occur for bookings at those properties. You may also have locks of different types at different properties -- in that case you can set up lock integrations of different types and map them to the correct properties

Code Generation and the Booking Side

Now that you have lock integration configured, let's look at your bookings and the code generation side.

Open any booking at a property that has lock integration configured. Once opened, you'll see a new Door Code value showing on the booking over page.

Since you just configured the lock integration, the booking won't yet have a code generated. That's because the booking was created before lock integration was established. We do not automatically generate codes for all bookings right when lock integration is configured - that would take a long time and blanket the system with codes for bookings that may not need them. But don't worry, you can still update bookings in bulk! We'll get to that below.

For now, go ahead and click that "Generate" link next to the red "Not Set" label. The generated link will spin for a second and then a code should drop into place. That's the door code for this booking, provided by the lock system.

Moving forward, when new bookings are created, the Door Code will be automatically generated. You don't have to click the generate link unless you want to get a new code. If the booking moves properties or changes dates, a new code will be automatically generated for those situations as well. If a code fails to generate, you'll get an email from our system so that you know.


While algorithmic lock codes can't be regenerated (e.g., eRentalLock), they can be resynced if there's an existing code by simply clicking on the Resync link.

Algorithmic Door Lock Resync

Then a pop-up modal will appear explaining the door lock codes will be resynced but the door code won't change.

Resync Existing Door Code

Showing/Sending Codes To Guests

The last part of this is sending the door code to the guest. After all, what good is a door code if the guest doesn't see it?

We've created a new field code called {BDOORCODE} that will insert the booking's door code into emails.  If there may be multiple codes, you can use the {BDOORCODETABLE} or {BDOORCODELIST} instead.

Then, create an email template that includes the field code and send it to guests using a trigger.

We've created a sample email template in our email template library that you can copy. It's the Pre-arrival door lock code email template. If you use that one, the guest will get an email that looks something like this:

You'll see field codes in the email Template:  {BDOORCODE} will show the first code for a given booking. If you have multiple lock codes being generated for a property, you can use the {BDOORCODETABLE} or the {BDOORCODELIST} field code to show the full breakdown of each code for that booking and what lock it is associated with.

We recommend sending this message only a day or two before arrival, in case of cancellation.

Sync Guest Contact Information

If available as part of the Door Lock integration, users can send guest contact email and phone numbers to the integrated Door Lock system by navigating to Settings > Workflow & Devices > their specific Door Lock integration > Change > Options > Contact Info and checking the Send contact email and phone to Door Lock integration checkbox and click Save.

Send contact email and phone to Door Lock integration.

Batch Update Codes on Multiple Bookings

Now back to your current bookings! We don't expect you to click through all your current bookings and generate a code for each one manually. We've created a special page that lets you batch update bookings.

Head back to the Door Locks integration page you set up (under Settings). At the top, click on the Batch Update Bookings button.

Door Lock Integrations Batch Update Bookings

You'll see a screen where you can find multiple bookings and generate codes for all of them at once.

Read the options, select the bookings you want to update and press the button! You can generate codes for only specific bookings or blocks, generate codes only if there's not a code yet, or generate codes for all bookings.

Voila! Your hundreds (thousands?) of future bookings now have a door code! You should only need to use this Batch Update screen one time when setting up your lock integration, or if you changed or upgraded which door locks you have at the property.

Please note that this function will only work for OwnerRez built door lock API connections, not third party/vendor built connections. Currently the only door lock service that would not fall into that category is Jervis Systems. Third party/vendor built connection will typically have a function like this on their side.

Canceled Bookings

When a booking is canceled, the door lock access code associated with that booking will automatically be canceled if the lock is a connected lock. Non-connected/algorithmic-based locks do not support deleting codes.

Common Doors

Common doors may be exterior doors used by multiple properties, but each common door device still needs to have specific property mapping to both:

  • The multiple individual OwnerRez properties
  • Each individual property's own private door lock

Deactivate Door Lock Integration

Users can deactivate their integrated door lock by navigating to Settings > Workflow & Devices > Door Locks > the specific Door Lock integration they want to deactivate > Options, unchecking the Active Status checkbox and clicking Save.

Deactivate Door Lock Integration

Change Door Lock Integrations

OwnerRez recommends following the process below for changing from one door lock integration to another in the following steps.

  1. Ensure that your new lock integration is working correctly, including completing the Property Mapping process
  2. Disable your old lock integration.
  3. Run a Batch Update for all affected bookings. In the Action section, select Resynchronize all bookings. Click Execute Batch.

Run a Batch Update for all affected bookings. In the Action section, select Resynchronize all bookings.4. Test and verify that the new door codes are correct.