Experience the difference of "Elite".

Stop thinking about it and switch!!!

Every step of the way has been great. Yes, there is some work on the front end, but that depends on how fully you want to get into all that OR can do for you. We feel the work has been well worth it and continue to expand on how heavily we lean on OR to do the work for us! We are fans!!

Reasons for Switching to OwnerRez: Couldn't find a product to select to match what we had. We used a custom built software for nearly 20 years. We saw a need to keep up with the times or become obsolete. OR was the perfect choice to stay current.


OR has thought of everything!! We represent about 300 properties and the amount of time OR has saved us, or freed up for us to spend on more meaningful work is unbelievable. We are so much better at our job and can offer our hosts so much more than ever before. If there is an issue, emailing the Help Desk is so easy, they respond in a very reasonable time and keep you up to date if the answer takes some time to dig into. OR never disappoints.


Honestly, we cannot think of anything to put in this category.

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