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Vrbo Messaging

If you integrate with the Vrbo API, you can use the Vrbo messaging center in OwnerRez to send and receive messages to guests through Vrbo services.

Custom Vrbo Templates

By connecting to the Vrbo API, you can create tailored messages exclusive to Vrbo. This keeps your email and Vrbo templates separate for better organization.

Trigger Messages

After creating your personalized Vrbo template, you can utilize the trigger function to specify when it should be sent. You have the option to set the trigger to send the template a specific number of days before or after the arrival date, or when a particular event happens.

Unified Inbox

You can access all the messages you have sent and received on Vrbo in your OwnerRez inbox. Additionally, any Email or SMS messages that you have sent to the guest can also be found there. Each message is labeled according to its source, and you have the flexibility to respond in any manner you prefer.

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