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Douglas County Cracks Down On Illegal Rentals, New Airbnb Hosts Earn $1 Billion, Cathedral City Phasing Out STRs, Covid Vaccines

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Happy Saturday!😃

This week we had three webinars! The first was our Dynamic Pricing Industry Expert webinar, where we discussed all the things to look for when selecting a dynamic pricing option. We highly recommend that anyone who is interested in dynamic pricing, watch the replay here. The second webinar was our weekly Demo Q & A session, and you can sign up for the next one here. Lastly, we had our ASTRHO Membership & Premier Host Benefits webinar, the replay can be watched here. There are a lot of informative webinars scheduled for March, you can view them all here.

If you live in Douglas County and operate an illegal vacation rental, you could be fined $20,000 and subject to a permanent ban from managing a vacation rental in the future. This change is one of nearly 50 different policy decisions Douglas County discussed Thursday. Another policy that may be implemented states that if someone falsifies a permit, they can be subject to criminal charges and receive a $20,000 fine. Douglas County is cracking down!

A new report from Airbnb explains how those with financial struggles, due to the pandemic, were able to stay afloat by renting out all or sections of their home. In fact, new Airbnb hosts who joined once Covid hit have collectivity earned more than $1 billion around the world! In the United States, new hosts in California earned $67 million, new hosts in Florida collected $42 million and New York new hosts earned $36 million. According to the same report, half of all Airbnb hosts have used their earning to stay in their homes and about 29% have used their Airbnb income to pay for their rent or mortgages.

Cathedral City, California has voted to phase out short-term rentals that are not home shares by January 1, 2023. This resolution also established a minimum-stay length of three nights, reduced occupancy to 10 guests and prohibits the use of outdoor amenities after 10:00 pm. 

Now for some hopeful news! President Joe Biden has stated that the US should have enough vaccines by the end of May to treat every adult. This announcement came after Johnson & Johnson’s single-shot COVID vaccine received FDA approval for emergency use. Hopefully we can all get vaccinated and take a much needed vacation.🌴