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Integration with DPGO

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We are happy to announce that we've partnered with DPGO to offer our OwnerRez users another dynamic pricing option.

DPGO is a dynamic pricing tool for hosts, vacation rental owners, and short-term rental managers. Their AI-driven software analyzes over 200 market data parameters.

Similar our other dynamic pricing integrations, DPGO will create spot rates automatically in your OwnerRez account every day or whenever their algorithms deem it necessary. One of the major differences of DPGO is that you must be listed on Airbnb to use their dynamic pricing system. Their database is comprised of all USA and Canadian Airbnb listings.

Manage prices and availability rates with data-driven insights and knowledge of your target market.

Get started with DPGO by visiting the DPGO website and check out the OwnerRez support doc for how to integrate OwnerRez with DPGO.

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Le Touquet Holid
Oct 18, 2021 7:07 PM
Joined Nov, 2018 113 posts

What a shame Europe is not covered as the pricing seems much better than Price Labs.