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New Year, New URL! Plus Some Pesky Bugs Fixed...

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You get a new year, you get a new start, you get a new opportunity.

Billy Butler

As we head into a new year, it was satisfying to review our 2023 New Year Resolution to publish Product Update blog posts more promptly. Nailed it! 💪 Before fully tackling your 2024 resolutions, check out our first Product Update of 2024, with all the details about the January 3rd release with 12 updates, especially our shortened domain, ownerrez.com!

Enhancements & Tweaks

Ownerrez.com replaces ownerreservations.com!

As announced by email on Tuesday, January 2nd, OwnerRez transitioned from ownerreservations.com to ownerrez.com on January 3rd! Why change the URL? First, there are fewer letters you need to type into the search bar, and we are all about speed and efficiency. Secondly, we market ourselves as "OwnerRez," not "OwnerReservations," so we figured it was time our branding aligned to make it clearer to users that they are in the right spot. Everything else remains the same.

New ownerrez.com URL

Please Note: This was simply a URL change. And if muscle memory still has you typing ownerreservations.com (with its 9 extra letters!), you will be redirected to ownerrez.com just fine.

With this change, users most likely had to enter a two-factor verification code to initially log into ownerrez.com to set up a new browser cookie (i.e., "security handshake").

Other users noted some things they had to overcome, depending on what they personally use in their own "tech stack." Because of this, OwnerRez recommends that users review the following to ensure that regular logins work effectively going forward on all personal devices.

  • Update OwnerRez URLs in browser-stored sites/passwords and/or Password Managers (e.g., 1Password, Dashlane, Google Password Manager, LastPass, Keeper)
  • Update browser bookmarked OwnerRez URLs (even though ownerreservations.com-based ones will forward to ownerrez.com)
  • Delete any Progressive Web App shortcuts and re-save them to prevent any redirecting

See other OwnerRez Domain Names to understand what other domains are officially used by OwnerRez.

Bug Fixes

Add Door Lock Column to User Invoice Export. As a follow-up to the October 27th Schlage Door Lock Integration, a Door Lock column detailing that charge has been added to the OwnerRez Billing History Export file.

Allow Setting Codes on Manual and Brivo Locks Again. Users could not set door lock codes on Manual and Brivo door locks due to a bug. This bug was corrected, and users can again set door lock codes on Manual and Brivo door locks.

Don't Error in Case Where Billed User Has Alert Off, But Team User Has It On. Users experienced errors when the billed account user had their alerts turned off, but a team member had the alert turned on. OR fixed this glitch that prevented billed users from turning off alerts when their team members had the alert turned on.

Don't Error on QuickBooks Sync if Phone is Missing. QuickBooks users experienced syncing errors when syncing bookings without a guest phone number. We resolved this issue, and QuickBooks users can now sync bookings with or without a guest phone number.

Don't Show Tools Menu New Label if New Items are All Hidden. The green in-app OwnerRez New label was inadvertently displayed on the Tools menu despite all New items being hidden. This glitch has been fixed, and the green in-app OwnerRez New label will only be displayed for active new features.

Fix Error With FloridaRentals Booking Pull. FloridaRentals API-connected bookings were attempting to import old booking information, resulting in errors. FloridaRentals corrected this issue so that historical API-connected bookings will no longer attempt to update.

Fix Issue Where Airbnb Cannot Select RTB Even When Only Channel. New Airbnb API connections did not allow users to configure their Booking Mode to Request to Book (RTB) even if they had no other listing channel set to Instant Book. We fixed this bug, allowing new Airbnb API connections to have its Booking Mode be RTB when users have no other listing channels set to Instant Book.

Handle Backward Calc Case in CB for Vrbo Where Payment Commission Overwrites Total. Vrbo's transaction feed used by the Channel Bridge tool sometimes mistakenly overwrote totals with Vrbo payment commissions. This issue has been corrected, and the Vrbo Channel Bridge calculations will now calculate and sync accurately.

Handle Errors in Booking.com Derived Prices API. Some Booking.com (BDC) API-connected properties encountered unhandled rate errors when a guest fee was configured for more guests than allowed at the property. We enhanced the system error process to ensure that users receive more accurate and helpful error messages.

Merge Lynnbrook Group Host Fees on Line Item Pivot. Line Item Pivot Reports were incorrectly displaying divided Lynnbrook Group host fees. OR corrected the Line Item Pivot Report, and Lynnbrook Group Host Fees will merge correctly.

Set the Line Type on Owner Payouts to QuickBooks. The Line.DetailType category wasn't syncing correctly when pushing PM Owner Payouts, causing QuickBooks errors. We resolved this issue so that the Line.DetailType category is synced properly to QuickBooks.