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OwnerRez has a direct integration with Schlage (pronounced SHLAYG). Users must create a free Schlage account, and download and use the Schlage phone app to set up the lock. You can go into OwnerRez and set up the lock integration at that point.


Supported Locks

  • Schlage Encode (Wifi)
  • Schlage Encode Plus (Wifi)
  • Schlage Devices Not supported
    • Schlage Sense Wifi Adapter Devices
    • Schlage Sense
    • Schlage Connect

Not sure about your Schlage model? Model numbers are listed in the Information section of your Schlage Home app. Google "Schlage your Model Number" to locate your device.


  • Custom Codes
  • Last X digits of guest phone number
  • Random Codes (as generated by OwnerRez)
  • Guest name listed for access code names
  • Lock / Unlock commands
  • Expired codes are deleted from the lock
  • Lock status
  • Battery level
  • View lock events
  • View access logs
  • International usage supported
  • Codes are sent directly to the lock and saved locally


  • 4 to 8-digit lock codes (for locks with latest firmware)
  • All codes on the lock must be the same length
  • The first code entered into the lock will determine the code length
  • All lock codes must be deleted to change the code length
  • Physical property lock must be configured to the same timezone as the Schlage Home app

Steps for Integration

1. Go to Settings > Door Locks (under Workflow & Devices)

2. Click the "Connect Schlage Home" button

NOTE: When clicking the  "Connect Schlage Home" button it will ask that you confirm that this may increase your monthly charges.

3. Acknowledge the monthly fee per lock that will be added to your monthly charges if you have a Schlage lock or locks mapped. Click "Ok, I understand" to continue.

4. At that point, you will be sent to Schlage's website with a page that asks you to confirm a few things. These three things are paramount to establishing a successful connection to your Schlage lock(s) using OwnerRez. Do not proceed until you have completed all three.

5. Once you confirm all 3 have been completed, click each checkbox and then click "Let's go" to continue.

6. Then, enter your email address and password to sign in to your Schlage account. Click "Sign In" to continue.

7. Once logged in, Schlage will redirect you back to your locks page in OwnerRez. You can then click "Change" to tweak your Schlage integration settings.

8. Once you have completed step 7, you can proceed to mapping your lock(s) to your properties. We recommend you start with one to see how things are looking and working.

9. After mapping a lock to a property, you can lock and unlock, and view lock info and events. You can also see at a glance the battery level and whether the lock is locked or unlocked.

Common Issues & Questions

How do I handle the "Property name: Access code name already exists" error?

The specific error, "Property name: Access code name already exists" means that you already have another code on the lock with the same name. Schlage code names must be unique.

Go into your Schlage app to check if you have a duplicate guest name or door lock code. If you do, make changes to ensure there is no duplication. That may clear the error.

Unless you are using a random door lock code, you can manually add the door code with the Guest Name and phone number.


To de-integrate or delete any locks, users can unmap the lock from any properties (Integration, step 8), and that will remove the lock from being listed.