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Filter booking message list to only show relevant ones

Status: Requested 3 Votes
Glenn Moore
6 days ago
Joined Nov, 2012 79 posts

Hi, I have an irritant that I have lived with for a while.  I am wondering if anyone else finds this irritating and if they were able to figure a solution to this.   I have renters that book directly, book through AirBnB and through VRBO.     I have a lot of messages that guide them through the whole process and have refined them over the years so there is little uncertainty on the renters portion.    The first irritation is that I have to duplicate a lot of templates because there always has to be an email version and an channel version (yes I do use custom fields a lot, but just the fact that I have to duplicate the templates causes extra work and sometimes confusion for me).

The bigger irritation is this though.   I have all my booking triggers set up to use the listing site to determine if it sends an email out or a channel message (again it is too bad I have to duplicate up on triggers).   But when I look at my messages screen to ensure all messages were sent (ie some are blocked until the renter signs the rental agreement), I see all automatic messages regardless of the booking site.  (ie, on an AirBnB booking, I see the email messages with a "Will not Run - the trigger does not apply to the listing site".  This is in red which is the same colour that other messages are in that are blocked for other reasons ... such as awaiting rental agreement.

It would be so nice if the system only showed the messages that the booking was relevant for (and hid the others).  Has anyone else discovered such an option?



Ken T
6 days ago
OR Team Member Joined Aug, 2019 1703 posts

I'll save you some time - there is not such an option.  I'll move this into the feature suggestions area to gather votes.

Jennifer W
3 days ago
Joined Oct, 2019 41 posts

Yaaass this would be awesome to fix. Gets so confusing trying to figure out