Experience the difference of "Elite".

Sophisticated & Comprehensive PMS, perfect for small operators

Seamless and professional so far and really quite a pleasure to deal with. I'm a happy customer.


The product is very well designed and built. I'm coming from another PMS to OR and I'm constantly delighted by the features I didn't have before. Including things I didn't know I needed which will now drive how I manage my business. The founders built the product from the ground up as users so they literally thought of everything. It's impressive. Everything works too. I've heard people say the set up is difficult so I was expecting bugs and complications but I didn't encounter any. It's only complicated in that it's so thorough which I see as a pro not a con. It's early days because I've only just signed up but I feel very confident with everything I've configured. The customer service has been a stand out feature too. I've had Suzee helping me every step of the way and she's been answering all my questions thoroughly and has significantly expedited my setup process. Very impressed by that, it feels like OR have invested wisely here and care a lot about their customers. 10/10 so far.


There's always things that can be improved about software but I'm too early in the journey to have noticed anything significant. OR is at least 2 years ahead of the PMS I just left, might not be as pretty but I'll take functionality over glamor any day.

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