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Dynamic SMS text messaging that can be automated and personalized for your guests

SMS is a great way to keep your guests informed about their stay. Sure you can still send emails out, but SMS is a direct way to shoot out a notification.

Notify The Guest Directly

Texting is the most used form of communication. Everyone carries their phone around and checks it on average 150 times per day! That sounds like a lot, but checking our phone has become natural to us. All that being said, having the ability to notify a guest directly through SMS is important. Many of us check our email throughout the day, but others not so much...

Trigger Messages

We love automation! Just like our email templates, you can create SMS templates and triggers. These are useful for scheduling frequent messages to go out. Sending door codes the day before, a welcome packet a week before, trash day notifications, the possibilities are endless!

Get Your Own Number

Unlike other SMS services, we provide you with your own number. You get to choose the area code you prefer and claim a number for your business. Having a separate number for your business allows you to stay organized and separate work from your personal life.

Voicemail Messages

Not only can you send and receive text messages, but you also receive voicemails. You can use a pre-recorded message that you provide or use our “text-to-speech” option. You can listen to any voice messages in OwnerRez, or forward them to your own phone number.

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