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Messaging - Email Templates

Email Templates and Triggers are a powerful part of the OwnerRez messaging system that automates messaging, based on events or scheduled times, while also giving users the ability to maintain a personalized and branded look and feel.

There are two types of OwnerRez email message templates, System Email Messages and Email Message Templates. Looking for Listing Channel (Airbnb, Vrbo, etc. ) Messaging Templates? Check out our Channel Templates support article.

Types of OwnerRez Email Message Templates

System Email Messages

System Email Messages are automatically sent for routine situations, like payment receipts, payment requests, quotes, date changes, and many other things based on events like booking created, payment created, etc.

Create an Email Message Template

Email Message Templates can be created by users and triggered based on criteria like the number of days before booking or manually sent.

Email Message Templates are emails users create to share information with their guests or to send notifications to property owners, cleaners or other support staff.

Users can create and compose Email Message Templates by navigating to Settings > Messaging > Templates.

Custom Email Message Templates

From the Create Email Template drop-down list, select the type of Email Template that you want to create.

Users should note that if they want their email template to be automatically sent by a trigger, they MUST create a Booking email template as triggers are based on booking criteria only

Create Booking Email Template

In the email template editor, users can select Field codes to customize their email message template for each property and each booking/guest by clicking on the field code icon Field Code Icon or Insert Field, depending on the section of the booking email template.

Booking Email Template

Click on the Insert button Insert Field Code Button to add the field code to your booking email template and the selected field code will be added to your booking email template.

Insert Custom Fields

When users want to see how their email template will appear to guests, they can click on Save, then choose Preview at the top of the screen.

Booking Email Template

Users can also preview additional emails for other properties and/or guests by selecting from the Property and Booking drop-down lists. Click on Close to exit the preview.

Welcome Email Preview

Are some of the text that you copy and pasted into your email template appearing funky during Preview Mode? Users can clear the formatting of any text by selecting the text and clicking on the Clear Formatting Tx icon.

Clear Formatting Icon

Be sure to click on Save and Preview your changes.

Users can adjust and edit their booking email template and then preview it until their booking email template appears as desired.

Once you've written your Email Template, users can use the Trigger feature to determine when it will be sent.

Customized email message templates created by OwnerRez users will only be sent automatically if the email message template has a corresponding trigger set.

Other Email Template Solutions

Sending to Multiple Email Addresses

Generally, the "To" field of an email template will use a field code containing an email address, such as {CEMAIL}. Both field codes, and the "To" field itself, can handle lists of email addresses separated by commas and semicolons.  For instance, the {CEMAIL} field code will contain all of a guest's email addresses that are recorded for them in OwnerRez.

So, if you want someone else to be CC'd on certain messages, you can put something like this in the "To" field: {CEMAIL}, fancy@fancyrentals.com

Multiple Email Addresses

Note that email templates do not support BCC, so all recipients of your emails will be able to see the email address of all other recipients of the same email.

Sending Files With Email Templates

OwnerRez does not currently support attachments on emails because we've seen issues with deliverability with attachments -- emails going to spam folders more often, etc. Instead, you can upload files to your account so you can include links to those file in the email template.

OwnerRez limits the file size to 30MB or less for file uploads.

The easiest way to do this is to use the Upload button when composing the template. If you upload an image, it will display directly in the email. If you upload a different kind of file, such as PDF, it will embed a link in the email that the guest can click to load the file.

Upload images or Files

A modal pop-up window will appear allowing users to either Drag and Drop a file, Select File from their computer or Paste an Image.

Upload Images or Files

Files selected will be added to the body of the email template with a link with the same name.

Email Template File Link

You can also upload a file to your account's Files section and then reference it separately in your email. Here's how you do that.

Navigate to the Files section in your account and upload a file.
OwnerRez Account FilesSelect the Upload Files button.

Upload Account Files
Once the file is uploaded, from the Actions drop-down list, select Copy Public Link to copy a public link to the file.

Copy Public Link
Back in the email template, use the Insert/Edit Link or chains icon to create a link to the file.‚Äč

Insert/Edit Link

A modal pop-up window will appear allowing users to either Drag and Drop a file, Select File from their computer or Paste an Image.

Upload Images or Files

Files selected will be added to the body of the email template with a link with the same name.

Email Template File Link

Fix My Ugly URL

But, I don't like that ugly URL!

By default, when a file is uploaded into OwnerRez' servers, it's given a random name and location something like this:


This works, but sometimes you want something a little nicer-looking - and, if you are using the OwnerRez Hosted Website, there's a way to do it.

Navigate to Settings > My Website > Hosted Websites, and select the website with the domain name you want to use.

Select the Redirects tab and click on Create a Redirect.

Hosted Website Redirects Tab

 On the Create Hosted Website Redirect page, complete the following.

  • From the Type drop-down list, select Exact Match.
  • In the From field next to your domain name, enter a nicer name for your file.  Do not put any spaces in the name though.
  • Select the "Custom URL" option, and in the adjacent field, enter the full ugly URL from the Copy Public Link above.

Click on Save. You can now use the nicer name, at your own domain name, as the URL for your file.  It'll automatically be forwarded to the right place.

And, if later you want to update the file to a new version, you can do that while retaining the same friendly link by completing the following.

  • Upload a new file, which will have its own ugly Public Link URL.
  • Use Copy Public Link (as above) to get the full ugly URL.
  • Edit the redirect, and change the value in the "Custom URL" option to point to the new URL.  Wherever you've used the pretty name in the From field, will automatically be linked to the updated version of your file at the new ugly URL.

Use Editor HTML Mode

HyperText Markup Language or HTML is the standard markup language for documents designed to be displayed in a web browser and offers increased design flexibility over the OwnerRez rich text editor. If users are comfortable with using HTML, OwnerRez recommends that they use the HTML mode in the Email Template rich text editor.

Users can locate and select the HTML mode in the Email Template rich text editor in the banner of the email template banner with the < > icon.

Edit HTML Source


The HTML Source Editor will pop open allowing users to add elevated design elements. Users should note the following.

  • Users can turn off the Word Wrap (defaulted to on) checkbox that allows long words to be able to be broken and wrap onto the next line.
  • Be sure to click on Update to save any changes made in the HTML Source Editor but remember that users still need to Save their email template when the HTML Source Editor is closed.

HTML Source Editor