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Package Question

Jan 18, 2019 6:08 PM
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OK. In addition to doing VRs, I also plan to have a serious side business doing tours starting late. And of course, I would like to sometimes have people take my tours and stay in my VRs. I plan to use Bokun (owned byTripAdisor) as my tour mgmt software and OR for VR mgmt software.

The problem of course, is that Bokun has crappy/simple-minded accommodations functionality and OR is not really a tour system.

So (only in the case where I sell both to the same group as a package), I wind up splitting the booking for the same group on two different systems. And their data on two different systems of course.

Was thinking maybe doing something with tours and combining the package off my OR hosted website. The tours are on a different website of mine connected to Bokun. But somewhat stuck on how that would work well. Or any clever way to make this work.

Open to ideas?

Tim K
Jan 24, 2019 8:45 AM
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What if you setup a tour as if it were a property? So you have your house listing and a tour listing. It wouldn't be perfect in that it wouldn't truly work as an add-on to a booking, but at least all of the data would be common, and you can view your calendars together. You can setup your tours as an optional surcharge in your house listing.....you'd just have to manually enter the tour booking or refer the guest to your "tour calendar" to reserve their slot. If you put the tour as an option they can choose when booking, then customize the booking confirmation email template to include the link to choose their tour date/time.


Hotels by FPM
6 days ago
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Have you looked in to Farehabor? We used it at a dive company, and you can link it via api and iCals to a bunch of other things, never tried directly with hotels. Their CS is on point too. https://fareharbor.com/