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Robert P
6 days ago
Joined Aug, 2023 35 posts

Is the concern with having the price comparison tool or simply being able to book direct on your website?

The reason I'm asking is it would be very simple (or should be) for whomever is designing your website to build a price comparison panel to display on a page on your site, which has a price comparison for any week that you care to choose. It doesn't have to be a particular week, or even the week that your particular guests are looking for. Just a comparison panel that shows the pricing of your property on various sites for a particular sample week that you choose.

Then, right beside that, you have your widget from OwnerRez where the guest can enter their own dates and info, and either request a quote, or see one instantly, depending on which OwnerRez widget you setup.

If you or your web designer has problem designing a comparison panel, a cheap, quick and easy way to create one would be to just take a screen shot of the multi-site panel that shows on Google Vacation Rentals for your property (you are on Google Vacation Rentals, right?), where they show 6-8 websites where your properties can be seen on the web, with prices for whatever dates you request. And if it's like mine, your own website will appear at the top of that list with the best price, and an "Official Site" designation right next to it.

My point is, you can easily have a comparison panel on your site, which gets the point across to your guests, without it being variable to a particular week, that booking direct with you is the best choice. It doesn't have to be variable. The comparison prices for whatever sample week it shows will be all you need to do to make the point to the guest that your own site is the best place to book. They will assume that the deal for their week is just as good as the sample they see.

No additional tools or third party software or subscriptions are needed. Just design the comparison panel, and have your OwnerRez booking widget right there.


Or am I missing something?

If you think so, let me know why, and I'll happily straighten you out!  Hah hah hah!