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Webinar: Besty AI/OwnerRez - Practical AI Applications

In this webinar, we'll explore how operators on OwnerRez, from 1 to 100+ listings, are using Besty to help scale their guest messaging teams with AI.

Whether augmenting your hospitality with AI-generated draft responses or handing the keys over completely to the AI to respond for you, we'll spend the webinar going over all the quick-win features Besty has to offer to maximize occupancy and drive better guest experiences.

We'll also do a quick interview with a Besty x OwnerRez power user, who'll share their experience rolling out Besty across their 52 properties and be able to speak honestly about what they like (and maybe don't like) so far about using Besty.

We'll conclude with an open-form Q&A about us, the product, or anything AI-related.

Besty's goal is to deliver the highest quality conversational automation software to the industry. Besty is really excited by the prospect of working within the OwnerRez ecosystem as our first AI messaging partner, and they can't wait to show you everything they're cookin' up on the roadmap.

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