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Webinar: Hopper - Travel Deal Tuesday - The Black Friday of the Travel Industry and What It Could Mean for Your Business

An introduction to Hopper Homes and Travel Deal Tuesday. Hopper is the most downloaded travel application in North America, boasting 100 million downloads. They cater to a Millenial and Gen Z audience by being an app-only OTA, allowing you to access a high lifetime value customer that travels more than any generation in history. They have recently launched a vacation rental OTA and are growing rapidly.

Founded by Hopper on the 28th of November, Travel Deal Tuesday is recognized as the best day in the post-Thanksgiving shopping period for consumers to find deals on travel, including vacation homes. It's a great time to get your listings up and running on Hopper to get an immediate advantage, receiving early bookings so that hosts can start and stay at the top of search in their respective markets. Here are some fun facts:

  • There are 2X as many deals as Black Friday or Cyber Monday combined.
  • Hopper is the most installed travel booking app GLOBALLY on Travel Deal Tuesday.
  • Hopper has 4x normal daily booking volume on this one day.
  • They send over nine million notifications about deals to users on the day.

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