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Webinar March 16, 2023: Touch Stay/OwnerRez - The ROI of Guidebooks & Guest Communications

Who needs another tool to make their lives easier and their guests happier? Anyone not yet using a digital guest welcome book. Touch Stay's integration with OwnerRez makes light work of clear and catchy communications that get read by guests, maintain their excitement for their stay, and their reviews glowing. Hear from Tyann Marcink Hammond, Touch Stay's "Queen of Guest Experience" on how she uses OwnerRez and Touch Stay to combine the art of hospitality with tech and welcome happier guests, attract direct bookings, drive repeat business, and build an efficient business with a recognizable brand.

Key takeaways:

* How and when to communicate so guests will listen

* How to turn guest questions into marketing opportunities

* How to use OwnerRez & Touch Stay together to be an A-game host or manager

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