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Unlocked Podcast With Matt Landau & Paul Waldschmidt

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Our CEO, Paul Waldschmidt, recently sat down with Matt Landau on the Unlocked Podcast. 

Paul and the rest of the OwnerRez team were part of the reason Matt decided to create this 12th season of Unlocked. In this episode, Paul and Matt talk about the OwnerRez retreat in the Dominican Republic back in 2023, where they, along with the OwnerRez team, started working on completing the employee manual. However, the retreat became much more than just completing it. Listen in to hear about the pivotal moment that set Paul on the path to making OwnerRez what it is today. 

Matt Landau is a prominent figure in the vacation rental industry. His Unlocked podcast is widely regarded as the biggest podcast in the industry, and he is involved in various other roles, campaigns, and multimedia outlets. Check out VRMB which is Matt's mothership for all of the community, marketing, multimedia, and resources that his team manages.

Unlocked is a podcast series that allows you to listen to VRMB founder Matt Landau interview some of the world’s most innovative vacation rental professionals. The goal of this podcast series is to share best practices and to remind vacation rental professionals that we already possess everything we need to succeed.

Ready to listen? You can listen to the full conversation using the Spotify podcast player below:

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