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Webinar Jan 26, 2021: OwnerRez/HomeToGo - Capitalizing On Travel Trends In 2021

We'll sit down with Rachel Tabellion, Head of Sales at HomeToGo, and discuss how to capitalize on travel trends in 2021. Ken Taylor, director of operations at OwnerRez, will give a demo of OwnerRez and show what the connection between HomeToGo and OwnerRez looks like.

  • If you're a US-based property manager and wish to benefit from the 0% commission promotion until the end of March 2021, fill out the connection form here.
  • You can find our HomeToGo Setup & Connecting guide here.
  • For non-US based Property Managers, the commission with HomeToGo is 14%.
  • The connection form for non-US Property Managers you can find here.

If you have any questions for HomeToGo, you can reach out to them at this email: channel.manager@hometogo.com

If you have any questions for OwnerRez, shoot us an email at: help@ownerreservations.com

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