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HomeToGo Setup & Connecting

OwnerRez has partnered with HomeToGo to provide an integrated API connection between the two systems. This allows OwnerRez users to easily handle their listings and bookings from HomeToGo. Our Channel Management feature is extremely powerful and can greatly simplify your channel advertising. Learn how it works by reading our Channel Management Overview article. Here is HomeToGo's property manager handbook which also serves as an information guide.

What is synchronized?

  • Rates
  • Availability
  • All static content such as amenities, description, photos, etc.
  • Synced 6x daily


Before you enable your properties for HomeToGo, make sure the price per night you have in your software is correct. HomeToGo will pull your nightly rate from your HomeToGo Reservation type in OwnerRez. If you also have an option for extra guest fees, that will also be pulled from OwnerRez. The final price indicated in your software is the final price the guest pays so it is important your rates are set up properly in OwnerRez.

*Responsibility for ensuring that prices are appropriate and accurate rests with the Provider.

Accurate pricing is the responsibility of the provider. Should you encounter any issues with your rates not reflected properly on our site however please reach out to us at partnersupport@hometogo.com so we can investigate any pricing discrepancies.

Booking Process

Listing Criteria

To go live on HomeToGo, get a good ranking and receive more bookings you should fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Company profile in OwnerRez needs to be filled in, phone number, email, etc.
  2. Property title without numbers and non-Latin characters
  3. Complete address and location
  4. Photos: a minimum of 10 photos in size 1024x768 (max 50)
  5. Amenities: a minimum of 10
  6. Description with a minimum of 700 characters
  7. Guests, bedrooms and bathrooms need to be specified (at least one bathroom and at least one room)
  8. Property size (ft² or m²) needs to be specified
  9. Bedding info in each room e.g.; single bed, double bed, etc.
  10. Arrival instructions for the guest; check-in hours, phone number and email address.
  11. Prices and availability for the next 18 months
  12. Properties in instant booking only
  13. Capacity of at least one adult
  14. Complete Fees and Taxes mapped in OwnerRez for HomeToGo

Preparing OwnerRez

In order for HomeToGo to connect to your OwnerRez account, you will need to prepare the API connection for it.

Go to Settings > API Integrations > Connect a Channel, and click the Connect HomeToGo button:

This will open the HomeToGo API settings screen.  If you are unsure, you can simply keep the default settings on this page; they are similar to what is used in our other API integrations.  If you are using the Vrbo API connection, you will generally want the settings to be identical in HomeToGo API.

There are a few settings you may want to change:

  • If you are using security deposit holds, follow these instructions to configure them.
  • If you are using an OwnerRez custom cancellation policy, select that option in the Cancellation Policy dropdown selector.
  • We recommend stating in your House Rules that guests are required to sign your Rental Agreement.

When you are finished with the settings, click Save to create the connection configuration.

In order to activate the connection, you will need to tell HomeToGo the Account ID listing on the main HomeToGo settings page:

Connection Process:

1. Sign the HomeToGo Connection Form. This will automatically create a ticket for your integration.

2. A HomeToGo Connection Manager will onboard you.

3. The integration process is completed! You will receive a confirmation email once your properties go live.

Note: HomeToGo may reach out to perform a test booking before putting you live on the site. In this case, please provide HomeToGo with the OwnerRez property ID and dates you would like us to use. However, please note that the total booking value must be less than $200.

Onboarding time: 2 weeks

The expected onboarded time starts from the moment the connection steps are completed and the offers are available in the feed.

Once live on HomeToGo, if you disable/deactivate a listing, and then want to re-enable the listing, re-enable the property in OwnerRez and reach out to partnersupport@hometogo.com to finalize the process.

Change Property Mappings

Once you've completed the Connection Process, verify that you've included or mapped your properties by navigating to Settings > your HomeToGo integration > Properties tab > Change Property MappingsMake sure that you've checked the Included? checkboxes for each property and click Save.

Verify that you've included or mapped your properties by navigating to Settings > your HomeToGo integration > Properties tab > Change Property Mappings, make sure that you've checked the Included? checkboxes for each property and click Save.


If you would like to delist your properties from this channel, please reach out to their support team and request that your properties be delisted. Once their support team has notified you that you can disable this channel, you can do so inside OwnerRez.

HomeToGo Support

You can find more information about the setup process on HomeToGo's Connection Guide.

You may want to check out HomeToGo's Handbook for Property Managers. On that page, you will find all the information you need - whether you are about to start your journey with HomeToGo, or if you have already been collaborating with them for a while.