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15 Solid Bug Fixes!

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Punxsutawney Phil is predicting an early spring here in 2024 and we're back with more bug fixes!

Image by Stefaan Van der Biest from Pixabay

Before you queue up Groundhog Day on your streaming service of choice, check out our product update detailing our January 31st release with 15 bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

Add Airbnb Professional Hospitality Property Type Check to LQA. Some Airbnb-connected properties received errors because their Bed and Breakfast properties were not set to a "Professional Hospitality Service." OR corrected this issue by adding a property type check to help with this in the Listing Quality Analyzer (LQA).

Check That Nofie Linked Property Has a URL Setup. Nofie-connected properties without URLs configured are not displayed on the Nofie listing website. However, OR users without URLs configured in their Nofie API connection were not receiving any error messages regarding this. We resolved this bug, and Nofie API connections will now check to ensure that the required URLs are included in the API setup process.

Fix Case Where Airbnb Pass Thru Tax Long-term Stay Exemption is Off by 1. Airbnb-connected properties configured in OR to 29 nights or longer as not taxable noted that their Airbnb listing was incorrectly set to 28 nights or longer as not taxable. OR corrected this glitch, and long-term stay taxes will be correctly passed to Airbnb.

Fix Sync Door Codes Error When Block Codes Disabled and Generate Immediately.  Door lock creation occurred for blocks despite users disabling door code generation for blocks when used in conjunction with the generated number of days before arrival configuration. We have fixed this bug, ensuring that the door lock code will not be generated for blocks if the user has disabled door lock code generation for blocks.

Fix Issue Hosted Site Submenu Items Marked to Open in a New Page Do Not. Hosted Website submenu links configured to open in a new tab did not unless the top menu item was also set to open in a new tab. OR corrected this issue, and Hosted Website submenu links configured to open in a new tab will act as expected, no matter what the parent item in the top menu is set to do.

Fix Issue Where Airbnb Threads Have Incomplete User Sets. Some users with Airbnb-connected properties encountered in-app Airbnb threads that did not contain complete users in the thread collection. We have resolved this glitch, and in-app message threads will now include all users in the thread collection.

Fix Issue Where Saving Account Theme Override Without Changing Logo Removes the Logo. Due to a bug in the in-app Change Theme form, users encountered issues where their logo was incorrectly removed when they made account changes on the in-app Change Theme form. OR has fixed this bug, and users can safely change their account in-app Change Theme form again without losing their logo.

Fix Portal User Login Issue When Logging Into www. Some Portal Team Access users encountered login issues due to login links directing them to log into ownerrez.com rather than the correct secure.ownerrez.com link. We have corrected this glitch to display the correct secure.ownerrez.com link now.

Fix a QuickBooks Online Parsing Error for Description-only Lines. Users with a QuickBooks integration connection encountered parsing errors in their description-only lines. OR has fixed this bug, and description-only lines will act as expected and correctly in QuickBooks integration connections.

Fix Regression in Ribbon Calendar Tag Filters and Property Thumbnail Display. OR encountered a regression that caused the Ribbon Calendar property filter not to work correctly and property thumbnail images were not displayed upon hover. We corrected this issue so the Ribbon Calendar property filters work correctly, and property thumbnail images are displayed upon hover.

Fix Security Deposit Grace Period Message Spelling and Grammar. The guest security deposit form had some spelling and grammar errors in the Grace Period section. These spelling and grammar errors in the Grace Period section have been corrected on the guest security deposit forms.

Handle Booking.com Room Rates API v1.1 Changes. The system has been updated to handle the changes invoked by the Booking.com Room Rates API v1.1.

Handle Case Where Booking.com Modifies Cleaning Fees After a Booking When Set to Option Cleaning Fees Included. This edge case occurred when a user with a Booking.com-connected property encountered missing cleaning fees in the booking add event so Booking.com (BDC) sent a booking modification that added the fee but failed to include the credit card information. However, OR incorrectly switched the BDC connection to manual mode because BDC did not include the credit card information in the booking modification even though OR already had the credit card information. OR has fixed this bug to handle BDC payments that already have credit card information before booking modifications. 

Skip Co-host Payments in Airbnb Transaction Import. Co-host payouts were unexpectedly included in the predicted payout from the Airbnb transaction import, sometimes leading to incorrect financial information for some Airbnb bookings. We have resolved this glitch by skipping the import of co-host payments in the Airbnb transaction.

Google Vacation Rentals Private Beta:

  • Handle Illegal Characters in Listing Review Content. Google Vacation Rental (GVR) API connected listings with one or more errors received unhelpful error email messages. OR has corrected these issues by updating the GVR API connection error messages to be more specific and useful to users.