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Update January 31, 2024


  • Handle Booking.com Room Rates API v1.1 changes
  • Add Airbnb professional hospitality property type check to LQA
  • Fix case where Airbnb pass thru tax long-term stay exemption is off by 1
  • Fix regression in ribbon calendar tag filters and property thumbnail display
  • Fix sync door codes error when block codes disabled and generate immediately
  • Fix Portal user login issue when logging into www
  • Fix a QuickBooks Online parsing error for description-only lines
  • Fix security deposit grace period message spelling and grammar
  • Fix issue where saving account theme override without changing logo removes the logo
  • Skip co-host payments in Airbnb transaction import
  • Fix issue where Airbnb threads have incomplete user sets
  • Handle case where Booking.com modifies cleaning fees after a booking when set to option cleaning fees included
  • Fix issue Hosted Site Submenu items marked to open in a new page do not
  • Check that Nofie linked property has a URL setup
  • Google Vacation Rentals Private Beta:
    • Handle illegal characters in listing review content