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Integration With VRPlatform

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We're excited to announce our partnership with VRPlatform to offer our users a solution for automating trust accounting, owner statements, and more.

About VRPlatform

Designed to break through property managers’ manual accounting processes and provide a clear picture of financial performance, VRPlatform saves time by automating trust accounting, owner statements, and more. The reservation automations will put your revenue, payments, and deposits on auto-pilot so you can focus on the non-accounting tasks of your business. Owner expenses and charges can also be automated based on reservation data or how you account for expenses in Quickbooks. Using VRPlatform will give you the ability to create owner-friendly statements and view financial performance metrics. VRPlatform allows property managers to build owner trust and gain efficiency to scale with ease. Need professional, ongoing support from industry-trained accountants? Ask them about outsourcing with a VRPlatform accounting partner like Ximplifi Accounting Simplified.


  • Track performance. VRPlatform enables short-term rental management companies to gain a clear picture of current cash flows and spot trends quickly.
  • Trust and management accounting made easy. Cut the manual accounting workload in half and gain freedom to scale your business with efficient automation.
  • Centralize financials. Eliminate messy spreadsheets by integrating with OwnerRez to bring all your data into one place.
  • Share owner statements. Automatically sync data from your accounting system into VRPlatform for owner statements that practically publish themselves.
  • Speed up payment-matching. Integrate with merchant processors like Stripe and Airbnb to record batch payments and simplify reconciliations.
  • See reservations in a new light. Keep your finger on the pulse of operations and watch your bookings convert into cash.


Per listing per month pricing. Learn more here.

Ready to connect?

Get started with VRPlatform by visiting here and checking out the OwnerRez support article for integrating OwnerRez with VRPlatform.

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Would love to hear someone's personal experience if any OR users already utilize VRPlatform!