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Redesigned Guest Travel Insurance Form, Multi-Select Tool Added for Properties, and so much more!

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Friday is my second favorite F word. Food is my first.


Cheers to both! While you're waitin' on your weekend filled with good food and fun, check out our latest product update that details our January 10th release with 26 updates, including the yummy Guest Travel Insurance Form and Multi-Select Tool for Property selection!

New Features

Redesigned Guest Travel Insurance Form

As a follow-up to our October 4th Redesigned Guest Review Form, OwnerRez is excited to reveal the redesigned Guest Travel Insurance Form!

Let's refresh our memories with what the old Guest Travel Insurance Form looked like.

Old OwnerRez Guest Travel Insurance Form

This redesigned "standalone" Guest Travel Insurance Form is only accessible when users send the Purchase Link from individual bookings after a booking is made/entered. (NOTE: the travel insurance option presented during the quote acceptance process is still the legacy style).

Users can send the travel insurance purchase link by navigating to the individual Booking > Insurance > Send Purchase Link. If the booking is still eligible, the button will be available.

 Individual Booking> Insurance > Send Purchase Link

The Send Purchase Link pop-up modal still appears with buttons to copy the link for, preview, and Compose Email to include a link to the new Travel Insurance Form. It is the same link generated by using the {BUTRAV} field code in your messaging templates.

Send Travel Insurance Purchase Link From Booking

The redesign carries forward the floating booking information card that debuted on the Guest Review Form and is a mainstay of all redesigned guest booking forms, including the contact information pop-up.

New OwnerRez Guest Travel Insurance Form

And, of course, it is mobile and device-responsive.

New OwnerRez Mobile Guest Travel Insurance Form

Do we have plans to continue redesigning other guest forms? Yes, we're already hard at work on them!

Learn more about Travel Insurance by reading our Travel Insurance Overview support article.

Enhancements & Tweaks

Property Multi-Select Tool Added

OwnerRez has replaced the old individual property selection checkboxes with a new Property Multi-Select Tool!

This new Property Multi-Select Tool allows users of multiple properties to quickly and efficiently select their desired properties by adding the first few letters of a property or owner. Note that the dropdown box displays the number of properties selected; in the case below, there are 11 properties.

New Property Multi-Select ToolThe Property Multi-Select Tool filter text box only appears if there are more than ten options on multi-select boxes (or 15 on single-select boxes).

This new Property Multi-Select Tool is available in-app in the following areas: Agreements, Bookings, Deposits, Holidays, Imports, Payment Methods, Property Management, Settings, Spot Rates, Taxes, Triggers and more.

Increased OwnerRez Password Requirements

OwnerRez takes security seriously. We already have a Banned Passwords list that guards against some common passwords. Still, we realized we needed to expand the logic similarly to prevent repetitive passwords by checking the supplied password for character uniqueness. We now have a check for complexity and will return a validation error stating: "Your password uses too few unique characters. Please enter a more complex password." if the proposed password does not comply.

New OwnerRez Users Increased Password Requirements

Learn more by reading our Privacy & Security - Overview support article.

Booking Widget Listing Site Tracking Optimization

As a follow-up to the August 2023 Direct Booking Listing Site Tracking Added release, OwnerRez has optimized the Booking Widget Listing Site Tracking for Hosted Websites, custom domains utilizing Booking Widgets, etc. for URL persistence - especially inside of Iframes. 

Booking Widget Listing Site Tracking

Check out our Listing Site Tracking support article to learn more.

Airbnb Thread Redesign (Beta)

OwnerRez has released the Airbnb Thread Redesign (Beta) that automatically includes all NEW Airbnb API connections made. Existing Airbnb API Connections will be phased in over time. Although users won't notice any changes in-app (unless they see the conversion underway which will say so in a status message), this under-the-covers update is crucial as we continue progress toward a fully unified Inbox.

OwnerRez In-app Airbnb Conversation Threads

Bug Fixes

Allow Long Domain for OAuth Apps to Fetch Tokens. OwnerRez fixed a regression for new OAuth app connections caused by the domain change.

Allow Sending Quote if Airbnb Guest Has Phone. Users could not send quotes to repeat Airbnb guests with no contact email address. We resolved this glitch, and users can now send quotes to repeat Airbnb guests with no contact email address.

Allow Switching Back to Profile From Portal Access. Some billed OR account users could not effectively toggle between their billed OR account and their Portal Team access accounts. OR corrected this bug, and billed OR account users can toggle between their billed OR account and their Portal Team access accounts correctly.

Allow Team Users to Change Review Auto-Show Setting. Staff Team members were unable to make changes to the Review auto-show configurations. We fixed this glitch, and Staff Team members can now change the Review auto-show configuration.

Clarify Arriving and Departing Times on New Guest Booking Forms. The text displayed on the new/redesigned Guest Forms was incorrect/redundant due to recent changes to check-in arrival window rules. OR corrected the typo to display the correct text as it pertains to arrival and departure.

Country Code Duplicated in Phone Number on Theme Overrides. Duplicated country code could be seen under Theming for their contact phone number, rendering their public phone number display incorrect. We resolved this bug so that country codes won't be duplicated in Theming.

Don't Send Add Triggers on Channel Modify Events if the Booking Was Initially Merged. A user encountered an issue where a booking arrived when their API connection was disconnected. The user's Welcome email trigger wasn't initially sent; however, after the booking was modified, the system saw that the Welcome email trigger hadn't been sent and went ahead and sent it. OR fixed this glitch to better handle triggers on modified or merged bookings - usually seen with new user setups.

Door Lock Billing Details Doesn't Expand When Other Add-ons are Present. OwnerRez Billing Invoice Premium Feature Door Lock Details did not expand correctly when other premium features were present on the Billing Invoice. We resolved this issue, allowing Billing Invoice Premium Feature Door Lock Details to expand and display properly on Billing Invoices.

Fix Bedroom Pluralization Bug in Sleeping Arrangements. One-bedroom properties had their Sleeping Arrangements displayed incorrectly as "1 Bedrooms" on their OR Hosted Website. This typo has been corrected, and one-bedroom properties will be correctly displayed as "1 Bedroom" on their Hosted Website.

Fix OAuth Connection Redirects. Some users encountered issues connecting OAuth Apps due to the January 3rd OwnerRez URL change. OR swiftly resolved this glitch by redirecting Oauth connection attempts.

Fix Single Sign-On Bugs on Bookings Month View. Some users could not see multiple properties on the Bookings Month View due to the January 3rd OwnerRez URL change. We quickly corrected this bug, allowing users to log in and view their Bookings Month View properly.

Improve Guest Message Querying Performance. This edge case occurred for some users with many Airbnb messages. OR fixed this glitch by changing the indexes to the guest messages table to associate guest contact information with current bookings in an optimized fashion.

Min Nights Display Shows Incorrectly When Setting Rates on Calendar. Users that had their gap night minimum night requirement set and then attempted to set rates via the Rate Calendar that extended past the arrival or departure of a booking experienced the display of their minimum nights decreased by one night. Minimum nights were not actually changed in the system; however, the display was incorrect and concerning. We corrected this issue to have the Rate Calendar minimum nights display correctly in these cases.

Modernize "Can't do that" Validation Message. The old "Can't do that.." validation message was outdated and too wordy at that. OwnerRez has updated and simplified the "Can't do that.." validation message.

Preview "Send Invite to Portal User" Fails if Portal User Has Accepted the Invite. Previews of the "Send Invite to Portal User" triggered an incorrect permissions request, requiring users to log in again while already logged in. We fixed this glitch, and users can view "Send Invite to Portal User" previews as necessary.

Smart Refund Gives Success Pop-up When It Actually Failed. A user encountered a refund failure and associated failure message despite receiving a refund success message. OR has corrected this bug to process and correctly display refund success or failure messages.

Store QuickBooks Customer IDs to Reduce Customer Duplication on Sync. We now store QuickBooks Customer IDs in a mapping to prevent customer duplication. Upon sync, contact information in QuickBooks, using OR as the source of truth, will be updated. If the names are different between OR and QuickBooks, names will be unchanged on either side.

Update Connect to QuickBooks Icons to Latest. Per Intuit's request, OR has updated all QuickBooks connect icons in-app and the Support Center.

Vacation Rentals LBI Inquiry Parsing Missing Some Info. Inquiries received from Vacation Rentals LBI did not correctly capture complete guest details and comments. We have resolved this issue, and inquiries received from Vacation Rentals LBI will properly capture full guest details and comments.

Hubitat Private Beta:

  • Bookings Starting or Ending at the Same Time Result in Multiple, Simultaneous Executions of ReconcileDoorCodes. Users with multiple properties configured with different locks in Hubitat scheduled bookings with the same check-in or check-out time encountered multiple scheduled occurrences at the same time. This issue has been solved by storing a running list of scheduled times inscheduleEvents, and checking for duplicates before scheduling reconcileDoorCodes.

Google Vacation Rentals Private Beta:

  • Taxes on Discount to Rent. Google Vacation Rentals (GVR) does not support non-taxable discounts applied to taxable items. OR fixed this issue by marking all discounts taxable if applied to taxable items.