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Update January 10, 2024


  • New design for Travel Insurance guest form
  • Use a multi-select tool in place of property selection checkboxes
  • Don't send add triggers on channel modify events if the booking was initially merged
  • Store QuickBooks customer IDs to reduce customer duplication on sync
  • Update connect to QuickBooks icons to latest
  • Persist channel/listing site settings on booking widget
  • Preview "Send Invite to Portal User" fails if portal user has accepted the invite
  • Clarify Arriving and Departing times on new guest booking forms
  • Country code duplicated in phone number on theme overrides
  • Increase password complexity requirements
  • Fix bedroom pluralization bug in Sleeping Arrangements
  • Door Lock billing details doesn't expand when other add-ons are present
  • Allow sending quote if Airbnb guest has phone
  • Modernize "Can't do that" validation message
  • Smart Refund gives Success popup when it actually failed
  • Min nights display shows incorrectly when setting rates on calendar
  • Vacation Rentals LBI inquiry parsing missing some info
  • Rework Airbnb threads for new users
  • Fix Single Sign-On bugs on Bookings Month view
  • Allow long domain for OAuth apps to fetch tokens
  • Allow switching back to profile from portal access
  • Improve guest message querying performance
  • Allow team users to change Review Auto-Show setting
  • Fix OAuth connection redirects
  • Hubitat Private Beta:
    • Bookings starting or ending at the same time result in multiple, simultaneous executions of reconcileDoorCodes
  • Google Vacation Rentals Private Beta:
    • Taxes on discount to rent