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GuestView Guide

GuestView Guide will be shutting down on October 31, 2024. If you are a current user, reach out to GuestView Guide to cancel your subscription and recycle your devices accordingly.

GuestView Guide provides a display that vacation rental managers can put inside their homes to upsell and recommend activities, restaurants, etc., to guests.

Steps for integration:

1. Sign up or log in to GuestView Guide here.

2. Click the plus (+) icon under Your Properties.

3. Click OwnerRez under "Import your selected properties from."

4. An authorization window will pop up where you must click Authorize GuestView Guide.

5. Once Authorized, GuestView Guide will show the properties you have inside OwnerRez, and you must select which ones you'd like to import into GuestView Guide. After selecting those properties, click Import Properties and Sync Reservations.

After the import is complete, you should see your OwnerRez properties inside GuestView Guide under properties.

What Data is Transmitted: 

  • Property list/Information of each property. Sync runs after every 14 days at 1 PM UTC.
    1. Property name 
    2. Address (including geo-location) 
    3. First Photo
    4. Timezone 
  • Reservations of each property. Sync runs after every three hours UTC (12 AM, 3 AM, 6 AM, 9 AM, 12 PM, 3 PM, 6 PM, 9 PM). 
    1. Reservation 
    2. Check-in/check-out
    3. Guest Name