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Connecting a Stripe account takes a few separate steps -- first you must allow direct card processing on your Stripe account, then link OwnerRez to your Stripe account, and finally create a Live Secret Key in Stripe and paste it in to the OwnerRez configuration. This guide will walk you through step by step.

Business Location Requirements

Stripe accepts businesses with a business address and bank location in the following locations.


Stripe supports these currencies.

Setup & Connecting Stripe

Here are the details:

  1. Go to Settings > Payment Methods in OwnerRez and click to connect your Stripe account

  2. The connection process will take you to Stripe to authorize OwnerRez to access your account. There may be several login and confirmation steps and then you'll finally get to a connection screen. Accept the connection and you'll be sent back to OwnerRez to complete setup.
    Stripe Login
  3. Make sure that the accept card types are configured correctly, currency and statement text are correct, and the account is configured to be used on the correct properties.

    Then save the account.

Multiple Stripe Accounts

OwnerRez allows multiple separate payment processor connections, each of which must be set up individually.  Stripe allows one account to have multiple sub-accounts.  This works fine with OwnerRez, except that, each individual sub-account must be configured in OwnerRez as its own account with its own identifier.

Stripe Processing Modes

Tokenized cards allow you to use Stripe Radar and accept European cards with 3DS2 challenges, but once entered and saved, a card can never be used with a different processor, even a different Stripe account.

Direct processing uses raw card numbers rather than Stripe tokens. This allows you to switch to a different card processor, but doesn't support 3D Secure / two factor authentication without requesting all new cards from guests.

We recommend Tokenized mode in most cases. If most of your clients are European, you should definitely use Tokenized mode, as any two factor challenges won't work without it. If you're in an area that doesn't yet require 3D Secure 2, such as the US, and you may be switching card processors soon, you may use Direct mode.

Common Questions

Why don't I see a charge from keeping money from a security deposit hold?

The way Stripe works, there's no separate transaction for keeping funds from a security deposit hold. The original transaction that reserves the security deposit hold is actually an authorization-only Charge.

If you end up charging against the hold, what you get in your Stripe transaction history is:

  1. A charge for the full security deposit hold amount
  2. "Partially refunded" of the amount you didn't keep

This happens even though the full amount wasn't actually charged in the first place, just authorized.

Can I take advantage of Chargeback Protection offered by Stripe Checkout?

No. The chargeback protection requires you to use Stripe's Checkout feature, which makes it work similarly to PayPal - the guest is sent away from your and OwnerRez' sites over to a Stripe site to pay.  This mode is not supported by OwnerRez, because it does not allow for detailed communication and logging of transaction events (e.g. why a card was rejected, and what the card information was), or advanced functions like security deposit holds.

I tried to change my Stripe account type, and got an error message saying "Upgrade payment method is different than user matching payment method."

  • Reconnect to wrong account. This error message is telling you that an account was trying to be connected, but the login was from a different account than the one you clicked "Upgrade".

Reconnect to Wrong Account

  • Connect to an already connected account. When you go to upgrade, take note of the email address on the account. Make sure that's the one you choose on the Stripe side to authorize, and that should solve the issue.

Connect to an Already Connected Account

I'm required to utilize 3-D Secure 2.0 (3DS2) in my region. Does Stripe support 3DS2?

Yes, Stripe is one of the payment processors that integrates with OwnerRez that supports 3DS2. Read more about 3DS2 in the Payment Processing - 3-D Secure 2.0 (3DS2) article.

What does my Stripe Error or Decline Code mean?

Some Stripe Error or Decline codes are not obvious or very intuitive for users. Users can visit Stripe Error Codes and/or Stripe Decline Codes to learn more.

Why are all my deposit amounts less than expected?

OwnerRez has noticed that sometimes Stripe will withhold portions (such as 10%) of your payments. Although Stripe will usually notify you about it explain why prior to actually withholding any payments.

If you find your deposits don't match what you expect, be sure to check your Stripe dashboard to see a breakdown of fees charged or amounts held. Also, check your email for important emails from Stripe.

Can I void a transaction?

No. Stripe doesn't support voids. Users can only refund the transaction. 

How do I handle a declined security deposit hold that I attempted to release?

I attempted to release a security deposit hold, but Stripe declined it! Sometimes, Stripe may decline a security deposit hold release because it's already been released by Stripe. If that occurs, it may appear as Declined in OwnerRez.

Sometimes, Stripe may decline a security deposit hold release because it's already been released by Stripe. If that occurs, it will appear as Declined in OwnerRez.