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RealTech is an independent website and marketing agency providing a direct booking solution for property managers in the vacation rental industry. They serve 250+ clients ranging in size from 5 to 2,500 properties in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Their websites are built to provide a fast, efficient booking experience for guests. All of their websites are accompanied by a fanatical support service that resolves 90% of all requests within one day.

RealTech offers two fast, powerful website solutions to fit the goals and budget of their clients

  • RealTech Connect - A fully custom website capable of supporting your business at any scale.
  • RealTech Direct - Designed for managers with fewer than 30 properties. It offers all of the latest features and functionality at an accessible price point.

Their results-driven marketing approach is focused on increasing web traffic and reservations while reducing property managers’ dependence on third-party booking platforms. They leverage the power of search and email marketing to grow your company's visibility and drive direct bookings. They believe a winning website experience is built on trust and relationships. They aim to provide the best experience and direct booking solutions in the vacation rental industry. Period.

Please ensure you have the Integrated Sites premium feature enabled inside your OwnerRez account. If this is not enabled, RealTech won't be able to sync listing data from OwnerRez to update your website.

Example Website

This website utilizes the OwnerRez integration with RealTech:



RealTech Direct websites start at only $325/month

For information and a custom quote, contact RealTech at: sales@realtechvr.com

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You can learn more and speak with their team by visiting the RealTech website here. Feel free to reach out to their team direct at: sales@realtechvr.com