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Clearing is a complete expense & revenue management platform that offers trust accounting tailored for property managers. Includes trust accounting to collect funds and pay homeowners. Through this integration, Clearing absorbs all property and booking data from OwnerRez. This data is then utilized to align bank account transactions with detailed line items from each booking. This integration ultimately results in a streamlined trust accounting setup, freeing property managers from the shackles of tedious manual tasks and overwhelming spreadsheets.

Steps for integration:

1. log in to Clearing here.

2. In the bottom left, click the Settings icon and then select Integrations.

3. On the Integration page select OwnerRez from the dropdown and click Connect.

4. An Authorization window will appear and you must click Authorize Clearing.

5. Once the integration has been completed, your properties will pull into Clearing automatically - you should see a “Connected” indicator that tells you that the connection was completed without any problems.

What Data is Transmitted:


  • ID
  • Name
  • Key
  • External name


  • When a user connects their OR account for the first time
  • When a new property webhook is received


  • ID
  • Property ID
  • Listing site
  • Arrival date
  • Airbnb confirmation code


  • When a user connects their OR account for the first time, we pull all bookings with a departure date post Jan 1st 2023
  • When a new bank account deposit from OTAs is received (to find corresponding bookings associated with this payout)