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Minut is a noise and occupancy monitoring solution to secure your home and enhance guest experience.

Steps for integration:

1. Log into Minut and go to the integrations tab.

2. On the integrations page, select OwnerRez.

3. Click Set up underneath OwnerRez.

4. On the Set up page, click the Connect button.

5. Click "Agree and continue" on the popup after clicking Connect.

6. An authorization window will open, and you must click Authorize Minut.

7. Once Authorized, you need to link your properties from OwnerRez. You can link your properties by clicking the "Create link" button.

8. After clicking "Create link," select which property you want to link and click "Create link."

Once your properties are linked, property content and reservation will begin syncing. 

What Data is Transmitted:

  • Sync occurs instantly via webhooks
  • Property Name
  • Guest Name, Phone Number, Check-In/Check-Out